A data miner came across details about the most powerful Nintendo Switch model being built

A data miner came across details about the most powerful Nintendo Switch model being built

Early last summer, several newspapers reported that Nintendo will launch a more powerful version of its success portable console, the Switch, in early 2021. The company hasn’t officially confirmed this since then, but a data miner now claims to have learned. Some interesting things about the device.

The information comes from specific SciresM whose information is a ResetN. What is true about all of these is uncertain, but the device is said to have been in development under the codename Aula for a year and a half or two. The most interesting finding is that this more powerful adapter is probably capable of producing 4K resolutions. Our man is based on the fact that the device supports the announced Realtek chip for 4K performance. But it will likely dock, so the image quality will only be available when connected to a TV (which wouldn’t be surprising, let’s face it). But the console screen itself is also evolving as it gets an OLED screen. Additionally, it was said that the console would train gaming quality to a smooth switch similar to the basic PS4 games in the PS4 Pro, and that this device would last longer without charging.

We hope that in the near future, whether the news is true will be revealed. It wouldn’t be surprising that Nintendo is already making a ‘Switch Pro’, because the console released in 2017 is hugely popular (68 million of them have been sold so far), and analysts say they will sell more than that slot until this year, to no avail. A few months ago, it was the next generation of great hardware from Sony and Microsoft.

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