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A couple in Crete managed to walk out of three restaurants without paying

A couple in Crete managed to walk out of three restaurants without paying

The British couple played the same game everywhere: they ate their fill and then complained loudly about the food.

A British couple holidaying in Crete managed to escape without paying for meals on several occasions.

Daily Mail according to The couple chose restaurants around Koutouloufari in the north of the island. And they did the same thing in three places: they sat down, ate and drank a good thing, and then began to grumble loudly about the food. Finally, they said they were not willing to pay for the meal and left.

The last time they visited was the restaurant of Ariadne Apartments, which is a popular place known for pizza or traditional Greek food.

One of the workers is also on the couple To be noticed in Facebook.

Keep your eyes on this comrade. We are the third restaurant this tactic has been tried. It’s good that the restaurateurs in the village communicate with each other, so we know what to expect.

– written by.

The post, shared by the Koutouloufari For Ever Facebook group, received a lot of comments, with everyone condemning the British couple’s behaviour.

According to one woman, the woman and man returned to the UK on Tuesday last week.

He wrote that he had seen the man in pictures around the former Roman port city of Hersonissos and, according to his claim, had been spoken to by his partner. She wrote that she thought the man appeared quite drunk.

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