A coronavirus test can be requested in the cities of Piquescapa and Szarvas

A coronavirus test can be requested in the cities of Piquescapa and Szarvas

Anyone who comes from a yellow or red designated country and doesn’t want to spend two weeks in quarantine can ask for the test, but as of today, it’s no longer the country that has to pay, but the plaintiff.

The chief national medical officer said on Friday that from Saturday, those coming to Hungary from yellow or red designated countries must pay for the two-week PCR tests that lead to mandatory home quarantine. Cecilia Muller said those coming to Hungary from a yellow or red rated country must undergo a 14-day home quarantine, which can be triggered by two negative PCR tests. Arrivals to the country undergo a medical examination at the border, receive a notification of a mandatory quarantine order, and a red card, which they have to stick on the door of their apartment.

The list of sampling points where the test can be ordered is now available on the National Center for Public Health website. full list Click here to view. Based on this, it turned out that samples are taken at two sites in Békéscsaba (Non-Profit Railroad Health Public Benefit Clinic Limited; SYNLAB Békéscsaba), while in Szarvas at one site (Szarvasi Szakorügyi Egészségügyi Szolgáltató Kft.).

The cost of the tests is set by health care providers, so the chief medical officer thinks it worth knowing about them in advance.

The chief medical officer clarified that public transportation cannot be used to visit the sampling sites, and you must arrive at the predetermined time, wearing a mask.

List of current countries You can find it by clicking here.

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NNK has summarized the country’s entry information into the following graphs:

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