A company created black PS5 covers, and their website directly raises Sony's legal move

A company created black PS5 covers, and their website directly raises Sony’s legal move

Some gamers weren’t happy with the PlayStation 5’s color scheme, but luckily their covers can be replaced, and Sony has also promised to get more looks in the near future. Until then, unofficial PS5 covers have surfaced online, with one manufacturer trying to sell them for a third time and another, dbrand, provoking Sony again with its own releases, Darkplates products.

Back in December of last year, we announced that dbrand had waved to Sony and now it is On their official website The slogan is “Come on, judge!” In the stylish online store, you can get basic covers for PlayStation 5s with discs or without discs in matte black and they also sell handcrafted exteriors in several colors (black, yellow, white, gray) as well as the center strip patterns. The site witnessed that the copies available were hijacked very quickly and are expected to be delivered next May.

In Darkplates’ sarcastic and corrosive promotional texts we can also read that dbrand designers definitely deserve a Nobel Prize for their creativity, because that’s all legal, because they didn’t use anything Sony’s protected. The little icons on the covers, reminiscent of the PS console button icons, are drawn directly on to be recognizable, while each is a symbol for widespread and free use (like the skull, crossbones, the nuclear symbol).

This is what the Darkplates PS5 Matte Black Cover looks like
Color variations for the middle strip
Color variations for the middle strip
The sarcasm and mockery of dbrand is boundless
They aren’t PlayStation console icons out there! Or even now?

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