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A comet the size of a city is heading towards Earth, and scientists are watching with bated breath

A comet the size of a city is heading towards Earth, and scientists are watching with bated breath

We will soon be able to see this special phenomenon with our own eyes. We already know when you should spy on the sky.

Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks spews ice-cold magma from a crater on its surface. A comet the size of a city is heading towards our planet, and although scientists are reassuring everyone at the moment, they are still constantly monitoring its movements.

More and more powerful explosions

In April next year, the special volcanic comet is expected to come so close to our Earth that it will be visible with the naked eye. the For astronomers What is even more interesting is that it grows a kind of pod after volcanic eruptions. The outbreak occurred for the second time in four months. And thanks to the cloud of ice and gas, it’s even more exciting as it is Race in the sky.

Astronomers are constantly monitoring 12P-taEric Isaacson/Getty Images Hungary

A comet looks like a spaceship

The comet has serious dimensions, 30 kilometers in diameter, almost as if we were traveling from Budapest to Erde. When solar radiation heats the comet’s interior, pressure rises and the icy gases inside explode through its cracks.

On October 5, scientists observed a huge explosion again, and the comet became brighter, said the British Astronomical Society, which constantly monitors 12P.

Many specialists believe that the shape of the comet is so irregular that some know it from the Star Wars movie Millennium Falcon You will get closer to the ground. It is currently hurtling towards the inner solar system, where it is moving in an elliptical orbit.

Next spring, the comet can be seen with the naked eye

Next spring, the comet can be seen with the naked eyePhoto by John White/Getty Images Hungary

Then look at the sky!

April 21 next year promises to be a special event for astronomy fans, as is comet 12P. When it reaches its closest point to the Earth, When it can be seen with the naked eye. And then it will return only in 2095. But the comet still offers fun: on July 20, astronomers to attest As it erupted for the first time in 69 years, this likely increased its size. However, it was clear that the second eruption in October was twice the size of the previous eruption. 12P is currently approaching the Sun, and since it is in an extremely hot environment, the outbursts are likely to become increasingly powerful.

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