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A comet that has not been seen for seventy years appears in the sky. It may be useful to track it with our telescopes in Szeged – Szeged News

A comet that has not been seen for seventy years appears in the sky. It may be useful to track it with our telescopes in Szeged – Szeged News

In the coming weeks, it will certainly be worth keeping our eyes on the sky, because we can track down a comet that has not been seen for 70 years. Comet 12P/Pons–Brooks by a galactic photographer, Thank you to Lionel He managed to capture it on February 16, and also posted a photo of it on his page on the social networking site.

In the coming weeks, it will be useful to follow the comet with our binoculars

“2024. On February 16, I captured an image of Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks approaching it in the evening hours. Unfortunately, the still relatively faint but longer plume only peaked at 51% moon phase, but I am confident that after “Full Moon There will be a few clear nights when the comet can be seen in its full glory. In the coming weeks, it will certainly be useful to track it with smaller binoculars!” said the astrophotographer On his social page.

As he wrote, the comet was discovered by Jean-Louis Pons in 1812, and was found again by William Robert Brooks in 1883. The periodic object, which has an orbital period of 71 years, will approach the Sun again in the spring of 2024.

The last time it went to the inner solar system was 70 years ago, in May 1954

According to the Astrophotographer's report, based on measurements, the last time the wandering column with a fairly large core of about 30 kilometers long visited the inner region of the solar system was in May 1954, that is, it became active again after several decades. His comeback began in a particularly dramatic way, as he had several eruptions last year, while in between eruptions he shined at the expected rate, as he explained in his post. Thank you Lionel.

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Meanwhile, a fallen satellite passes overhead

An out-of-control satellite will return to Earth during the day on Wednesday. Nearly thirty years after it was launched into Earth orbit, the satellite known as ERS-2 will return to Earth's atmosphere, where it is expected to break into pieces and most of the pieces will burn up immediately. The satellite was originally supposed to fly over Italy towards the western coast of Norway, but the path estimate has changed and it is expected to pass through the western part of Hungary.

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Source and photo: Photography by Lionel Mjzik Facebook

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