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A collection of Xi Jinping’s articles on scientific and technological self-development

A collection of Xi Jinping’s articles on scientific and technological self-development

In China, a work compiling 50 important texts of CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping on scientific and technological self-sufficiency and self-development entitled “On Scientific and Technological Self-sufficiency and Self-development” has been published. The collection was edited by the Institute of Party History and Literary Research under the CPC Central Committee, and recently published by the Central Literary Publishing House, and is distributed throughout the country.

Since the 18th Congress of the Communist Party of China, the CPC Central Committee under the leadership of Comrade Xi Jinping has made many breakthroughs in key Chinese core technologies, emerging industries have developed strategically, major innovations have emerged one after another, and China has entered the ranks of innovative countries.

Xi Jinping made many important remarks on promoting self-reliance and self-development in science and technology, grasping the trend of the world and the times, and in-depth explaining the important role of scientific and technological innovation in human development. Society, the systematic formulation of China’s scientific and technological strategic goals, priority tasks, key measures and basic requirements for innovation. The new ideas, new perspectives, and new requirements presented in his works focus on improving the national innovation system, accelerating the construction of scientific and technological strength, achieving a high level of technological independence and self-development, and promoting high quality. development.


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