A Canadian couple filed a lawsuit against Mercedes because they were afraid to drive their new car

A Canadian couple filed a lawsuit against Mercedes because they were afraid to drive their new car

A newlywed Canadian couple’s Mercedes S550 was bought in the garage nearly three years ago. They say that they are afraid to drive their car due to a malfunction of the steering wheel, but the dealer is not ready to correct the mistake.

“They say I can use the car safely, but I’m afraid to sit in it. I keep driving on the highway, which could be life threatening.” Datong Yang A Vancouver businessman bought a new Mercedes S550 in 2017 for 160,000 Canadian dollars (about 37 million Ft). However, he was unable to use the car for a year because after driving 6,500 km, the steering device failed – Vancouver Sun writes..

Yang took the car back to the dealership, where he was told the car had no fault, which he could use. However, the man was not allowed to calm down, so he began to search. He realized that although his car was not on Canada’s recall list, several Mercedess S-Class manufactured in the United States between 2015 and 2019 were recalled by dealers due to a router malfunction.

Despite telling the dealer all this, he still claims the car is fine. Yang was told to either use the car or sell it if he didn’t want to. However, the contractor believes that if he does not dare to drive the car, he will not sell it even to get the buyer in trouble.

The Canadian businessman went to the Mercedes headquarters in Stuttgart with his complaint, confirming his suspicions: the dealer should have called his car again to replace a part in it. However, the merchant was not affected either.

So Yang filed a lawsuit against Canadian Mercedes-Benz. He is claiming compensation, but he says the safety of his family and other Mercedes owners is more important to him. Vancouver Sun also called the car dealer, Arthur Liu However, he directed the newspaper to the parent company. However, the center only answered the newspaper’s questions without commenting on the ongoing legal process.

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