A Canadian car rental company billed 36,000 km for three days

A Canadian car rental company billed 36,000 km for three days

Avis car rental deducted $8,000 from a Canadian woman, after she drove just 300 kilometers around Toronto, writes guardian.

Giovanna Boniface received a bill of eight thousand Canadian dollars and not for the actual kilometers she covered in the three days.

The rental company claimed that the woman covered 36,000 kilometers in three days, which is roughly equivalent to the circumference of the Earth.

Of course, Boniface wasn’t driving around the planet during this time: he took his daughter to university and visited his mother-in-law in Kitchener, just over 100 kilometers from Toronto, in his rental car. According to the woman’s estimates, the distance must have been about 300 kilometers.

Before leaving Canada, he checked his account statement to be safe, then realized that the car rental company had billed him for more than eight thousand dollars. He didn’t have time to make a personal complaint, he tried to take action in customer service, but for a long time it seemed like the company didn’t really understand the bill issue. The photo posted on Twitter also shows that the company asked for 25 cents per kilometer, but not just 300, but nearly 36,000 kilometres.

Boniface’s story was resolved only nine days later, after his case received press coverage. The rental company eventually admitted the error and indicated that the additional cost would be refunded.

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