A Canadian bear appeared waking up from its winter sleep from under heavy snow cover

A Canadian bear appeared waking up from its winter sleep from under heavy snow cover

They have been trying to catch the moment for eight years, but never quite so far.

“I’ve been trying to capture this moment for years,” he says. Nicole Gangnon A Canadian game keeper while recording a video of him waking up from his winter sleep, Boo His name is grizzly emerging from under the snow cover.

The photo was taken on March 24th in a rock reserve in Canada’s Rocky Mountains in the bright light of the spring sun. The happy guardian of the British Guardian newspaper He saidAnd his colleagues attempted to videotape the awakening of a bear for eight years.

We always put on security cameras and game cameras, but up until now the system has always gone bankrupt whenever a bear decided to show up.

Bo and his brother, Search (Their name came from their birthplace, the Caribou Mountains) They were born in the wild in 2002, but shortly after their mother was shot dead by poachers. Apologies were placed in the preserve, but Curry was devastated by a bowel torsion the first winter. Currently, Boo is the reserve’s only resident, but it still attracts thousands of tourists and visitors to the park.

Bo spends the winter in a log cabin, usually covered in a two-meter-long snow cover. The corner also functions as a laboratory, as researchers make regular observations of the sleeping bear during its winter sleep.

Nicole Gangnon says she was so happy with the video depicting Boo’s awakening that she started tearing up when she first saw it.

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