A bullet was fired at Sky News crew in Ukraine

A bullet was fired at Sky News crew in Ukraine

A five-member television crew of Britain’s Sky News set out west of Kyiv on Monday, 30 kilometers from Poha, as they wanted to shoot from a scattered Russian convoy. Local sources described the road as safe for them.

Their journey was more dangerous and fierce than expected due to the unexpected situation, and they were finally told at the last Ukrainian checkpoint that it would be better for them to return. They did, but by then the roads they took had become front lines.

Therefore, on the other hand, they tried to return to Kyiv, at one of the checkpoints, and showed them where the safe road to the city leads. They advanced, but suddenly something under the car exploded, one of the wheels broke, and they stood aside. They started shooting at them with automatic weapons, the windshield shattered, and then a hail of bullets that one sees only in the movies rushed towards them. The camera was along the road while the car was shot in a sieve. Video in the substance of the sky It can be viewed or seen.

The shots were so accurate, they all hit the car. The British shouted to reporters, but the attackers were not impressed. Reporter Stuart Ramsey was shot in the hip and the photographer was shot twice in his bulletproof vest.

Eventually, they managed to get out of the car, crawled to the side of the road, jumped over the fence and rolled down the 15-foot ramp, then escaped to the service depot. They all survived, hours later, they were rescued by the Ukrainian police and brought back to Kyiv. According to the Ukrainians, they were attacked by a Russian sabotage reconnaissance squad.

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