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A black bear stole 60 pies from an American bakery

A black bear stole 60 pies from an American bakery

They couldn’t scare the huge animal away from the candy, and eventually the car horn helped.

The staff at Taste Bakery from Spellbound in Avon, Connecticut, was in for a big surprise. The confectioners were loading cakes and biscuits ready for delivery into the car when a black bear appeared in the bakery’s garage.

The shop owner reported in an Instagram post that he first heard an employee scream. Maureen Williams, who was in the garage, told local television channel WTNH that she tried to scare the animal away by screaming at first, but it repeatedly came back into the garage. After I got close to Williams, I backed out of the garage and ran.

The security footage shown on TV shows the bear – after several failed attempts to chase it down – dragging a box full of cookies into the parking lot, devouring a total of 60 cookies.

By the time the police arrived on the scene, the sweet-toothed bear had already moved away. The workers finally managed to scare the animal away by blowing the horn, and no one was injured in the incident.

There are between 1,000 and 1,200 black bears in Connecticut, in the eastern part of the United States. Last year, a total of 158 bears were found in the state, 67 of which roamed apartment buildings. A total of two bears attacked humans in Connecticut last year, but this year a woman was injured when she encountered one while walking her dog.

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