A bizarre video clip from the top of the Great Sphinx has been leaked online, and crazy speculation has begun

When it comes to Egypt, right next to the Great Pyramids, everyone would probably say the Sphinx as a great wonder or a sight that you must see at least once in your life. The mysterious building does not even fit into the landscape, it strangely towers next to the pyramids, while very few people really know its function, why was it built where it was built? In any case, the Great Sphinx was built 4,500 years ago, so it is not surprising that throughout history it has been almost completely hidden under the sand many times, for example, Napoleon’s soldiers, for example, could only see his head, because in it By that time the building was almost completely submerged under the sand.

And his nose would have been knocked out in the middle of a century’s worth of destruction.

And what is its purpose anyway? The pyramids are guarded by a creature with a human head and the body of a lion. According to experts, it was actually made of stones that were left over during the construction of the pyramids. However, it is not possible to know whether it was built during the reign of Pharaoh Hofu or Hefri, but it can be assumed that the image of the current ruler is also the head of the Sphinx.

The remains of a 4,500-year-old girl were found lying in an odd position at Stonehenge

The remains of a 4,500-year-old girl were found lying in an odd position at Stonehenge

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Of course, there are alternative theories about the fact that it was actually built 12,000 years ago, the last remaining memory of an ancient civilization, and that its interior actually holds one of humanity’s greatest secrets and knowledge. The 12,000-year-old theory also goes back to the fact that there are signs of erosion on the side of the Sphinx, so water must have touched the statue, and this was only possible in Egypt before 8,000 BC in this place. But a refutation of this theory has already been published, according to which the stones of the Sphinx were laid on a foundation that already existed 12 thousand years ago.

How do theorists justify their theory that the Sphinx is, in fact, a gateway to an ancient world or to ancient knowledge? Moreover, it has an entrance at the top of its head, and this is believed to have been discovered in many images that sometimes appear in photographs taken of the Great Sphinx from above.

But there is another explanation for everything, according to more rational ideas, for example, that a lid, which is thought to be a doorway, only covers a hole to repair a long-lost sculptural element, and a gigantic stone element (perhaps a crown) may have joined the building here, which contains Already on hollows inside, but they do not lead to old worlds. You can sometimes find these videos on YouTube.

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