A big scandal is brewing around Zalatnay Sarolta

I know the wounds will tear, but this is my life, said Zlatnay Sarolta.

According to the singer, it will be difficult to face everything, but she does not want to calm herself down in the false belief that she did everything right. He said he has made both good and bad decisions in his life.

Zlatnay Saroltatv2

“If we take the bad as a basis, then perhaps the worst will immediately come to mind. I will have to bear this burden for the rest of my life, and it will not even be excluded from the next movie. I know the wounds will tear, but this is my life, which contains everything I do at certain moments “This movie will be my recovery, or if you prefer, my El Camino experience. I’ll go through the road, and at the end you’ll also get a clear picture.”

“I often mention in many interviews the period between 1967 and 1969, when I was living in England and starting to build a career. Yes, I still think that this was a great opportunity in my life to make my name known all over the world. Sarolta was on deck as red, so given the political situation at the time I was really going to run, As the only female singer released from behind the Iron Curtain. Two years later, the message came that I must decide, either I should stay and not be able to return home, or I would return to Hungary at once. Then I chose my country and did not regret it, because I built a good career, but even today the question that no one should ask themselves: What would have happened if …? “

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