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A big clash between Netflix and Disney is expected this weekend

A big clash between Netflix and Disney is expected this weekend

Lately, everyone has been expecting major shifts in the battle between streaming services. The most popular Netflix lost a lot of subscribers in the first quarter of this year, and many were already starting to bury the platform when they also embarked on large-scale layoffs on their creative team.

Meanwhile, the Disney platform is set to expand significantly, with the service launching in mid-June this year in several Eastern European countries, including Hungary. This will mean a lot of new Disney+ subscribers, and the new platform may take more Netflix as subscribers are no longer willing to subscribe to all the services.

Disney+ currently has 205 million subscribers and Netflix has 221 million users.

Photo: BEATA ZAWRZEL / NurPhoto from AFP

It appears that the mouse company may slowly outperform its competition in terms of the number of customers, and Disney is developing dynamically in terms of time spent in front of the screen. According to Sensor Tower, active users of the Disney+ mobile app grew 9 percent year on year, while Netflix stagnated in that area. By monitoring the time spent before the app, Netflix shows an 8 percent drop, compared to a 7 percent increase at Disney+.

However, Netflix can still make more money per subscriber since its monthly fee is much higher, but even in the short term, the balance may flip to the side due to the lower prices.

The Axios writes about itThe current clash between the two success stories is likely to win Netflix. This is explained by the fact that Netflix also provides seven episodes of Stranger Things simultaneously, which means approximately 9 hours of content. On the other hand, the Obi-Wan series only releases the first two episodes, which may be enough to get the first series out of the weekend premiere. Interestingly, the Disney series was originally going to start on May 25, but at the last minute, the start was pushed back to May 27.

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Meanwhile, Netflix has responded to Tuesday’s tragedy

With the release of Stranger Things Season 4 Season 1, it’s an instant part warning He would welcome viewers – IGN Hungary wrote about it. Due to the school shooting in South Texas on Tuesday, the filmmakers indicated early in the episode that the part might be upset by the tragedy. The creators described the shooting as a year ago, so let everyone tell the story of this new and exciting tragedy. The creators expressed their condolences to the relatives.

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