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A Belarusian runner fleeing revenge has arrived in Vienna

A Belarusian runner fleeing revenge has arrived in Vienna

Arrived in Austria Kriszcina Cimanouszkaja The Belarusian Olympic runner, who applied for a Polish humanitarian visa at the Polish embassy in Tokyo on Monday, News agency. The runner had earlier said that due to a disagreement with the official leaders of the Belarusian team, he felt unable to return home safely to Belarus. Simanoskaya flees to avoid retaliation from the Belarusian force.

The athlete, who is expected to travel to Poland after landing in Vienna, said team officials tried to force him back home early after criticizing them, but then several European countries offered him help.

And then it was not clear what awaits the 24-year-old woman, both in her sports career and in her private life. Before leaving Japan, he said he hopes to continue his running career, but safety is a priority. Her husband fled Belarus shortly after his wife announced that she would not return. Poland also offered the man an entry visa.

We are so glad we are safe

Comment on the arrival of Cimanouszkaja Magnus BrunnerOn behalf of the Austrian government, after the plane arrived in Vienna from Tokyo on Wednesday afternoon, with the athlete on board.

On the advice of the Polish authorities, the woman traveled first to Vienna for security reasons and not directly to Poland.

“It has been clarified that after I get home, I can certainly expect a penalty,” the athlete told the Associated Press in a video interview on Tuesday. But in an interview with the Associated Press, Simanoskaga expressed concern about her parents who remained in Belarus.

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Western leaders condemned the treatment of the Belarusian authorities. Anthony Blink The US Secretary of State described “another case of cross-border persecution” as an attempt by Belarusians to force the athlete to return home for exercising freedom of expression.

Such situations violate the Olympic spirit, violate basic rights and are intolerable

Blinken said on Twitter.

Tomash MajowskiThe vice president of the Polish Athletics Federation and a former Olympic gold medalist has expressed her fears that the athlete will lose the best period of her career if she changes citizenship.

These are complicated matters, we know your local team will file objections that are likely to make your situation more difficult or even require you to disqualify the athlete.

The president of the Polish Athletics Federation said.

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