A baby kangaroo is seen in one of the female wallets

The Bennett kangaroo team at Debrecen Zoo has grown again: At the end of February, caregivers saw offspring in one of the female’s wallets, the foundation’s director said Thursday.

According to an advertisement by Gergely Sándor Nagy, a small fennel the size of a bean at birth was about eight weeks at the time of its discovery, and since then he has become more and more interested in the outside world.

After the establishment reopens, visitors will have a good chance of seeing it, but they will return to the safety wallet cache until they are nine months old. The manager noted that with the arrival of the team, the Debrecen cash team now includes seven members. On the island of Tasmania, respectively

Native to eastern and southeastern Australia, the Bennett kangaroo lives in coastal and scrub forests.

Its common name is a bit misleading, because although it is similar in many respects to its close relatives, the kangaroo, it is one of the smaller and more plump wallabies, which live in the woods, Sandor Jirjeli Nagy explained, pointing to its reddish neck and shoulder. Hair and its large, naturally mobile ears depend mainly on this and its excellent sense of smell, as its eyesight is relatively weak.

It looks for the herbs, fruits and roots that make up its food, especially at dusk and at night, and during the day it settles in the shade. The expert pointed out that despite the stability of their wild numbers at the present time, the species are on the IUCN Red List of threatened species, due to habitat degradation and quality degradation.

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