A 93-year-old grandmother has visited all the national parks in the United States with her grandson

Joy Ryan regrets that she has gotten to a few places. Her granddaughter did something about it, so the grandmother became the oldest person to visit all 63 national parks in the country.

Brad Ryan I find it Joey Ryan They began visiting 63 national parks in the United States seven and a half years ago, and hit their goal this week when they reached American Samoa National Park – He writes CNN.

American Samoa National Park is the only US national park south of the equator and farthest

– said the grandmother on the Joy’s Road Trip Instagram page, which was created to document their travels.

After the unparalleled performance, he and his grandson received a certificate and other gifts from the National Park Service.

We have defied aging, financial and logistical constraints

said 41-year-old Brad Ryan.

The 93-year-old woman became the oldest person to ever visit all of the state’s national parks.

The couple’s journey began after Ryan’s grandmother talked about how she regretted the lack of space in her life. His grandson first took him to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, then started a GoFundMe page to raise money for other trips. They traveled together for seven and a half years.

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