A "100%" Russian vaccine can provide protection for one year

A “100%” Russian vaccine can provide protection for one year

The peptide-antigen-based vaccine has also been shown to be effective in “post-registration” testing in people over the age of 60 without serious side effects, Nepomjaskih said. EpiVacCorona is expected to begin mass production in late February.

Alexander Ginsburg, director of the Gamaleja Institute, which developed the first Russian vaccine, Sputnik Vt, said on Tuesday that the vaccine is expected to protect against infection of the new coronavirus for more than two years.

The third Russian vaccine, CoviVac, is expected to be registered on April 16 at the Chumakov Center.

In Russia, the number of confirmed cases of the new Coronavirus 16,714 rose to 39,179,918 in the past day, according to official figures released Wednesday.

The number of newly diagnosed infections has yet to reach 17,000 for the third consecutive day since October 28. Reproduction rate was 0.9, daily increase was 0.43 percent, and 10.2 percent of new cases were asymptomatic. But in Moscow, the number of newly diagnosed infections increased by 2095 compared to 1,545 the day before, the lowest value since September 24.

The number of active infections decreased to 452,800, with the number of deaths increasing by 521 to 75,205 and the number of people recovering by 24,546 to 3389913 at the national level.

In Russia, more than 103.2 million laboratory tests have been performed since the outbreak of the epidemic, and nearly 382,000 tests were performed in the past day. 626,257 people are under medical observation on suspicion of being infected with the new coronavirus.

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