9 psychological tricks to convince anyone of anything

9 psychological tricks to convince anyone of anything

You are right, but do you find it difficult to convince others of this? Are you a seller and want to get your customers to buy? Then here are 9 psychological tricks with which you can influence your interlocutor and convince him of what you want to say.

imitate their behavior

People love people like them, this is a chameleon Effect. By using nonverbal cues, you can influence someone in a natural way, by subtly imitating the other person.

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Speak faster

If you want to impress someone, speak faster, and speaking faster has a powerful impact on people. During the research, they found that the pace of conversations is an important factor, if the pace is slow, you will sound lazy and stupid, and if you talk excitedly, you will convince anyone.

listen more

Persuasive people are excellent listeners. Everyone loves to talk, and 99% of people care more about what they say. If you want to impress others, listen to them, so you can formulate what you want to say according to all the demands they make and their exact expectations.

gentle touch

If you touch someone gently, many studies have shown that you can have a greater impact on them. According to a study, a customer who is touched will continue to shop in a store. There is no doubt about their effectiveness, but know that not everyone likes to be touched.

be flexible

Kids can be very persuasive. Children are masters of persuasion. They are certainly excellent at adjusting to the person they are trying to impress. Persuasion requires adaptability and a flexible attitude.

Call everyone by name

For everyone, their names and mother tongue are their most beautiful words. When you meet someone, call them by their name, it will make them happy, they will like you, and they will be open to what you have to say.

Use social proof

You’ve come up with an argument and you say the vast majority think so too.

scarcity principle

According to an experiment at the University of Nebraska, things are more interesting when there are less of them.

The precautionary principle

It is a scientific fact that if we want to ask someone a favor and give them something upfront, they have a strong desire to reciprocate. So if we give something as a gift before asking for a favor, whether it’s something, time, energy, or service, the other person will want to give it back, and there’s no better time to do that than when you ask them for something.

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