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9 places you always forget to clean in your kitchen

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Cleaning in some form is part of our daily routine, which we do routinely. Some people schedule it for the weekend, while others have a small errand in the store for each day. However, there are some spots in our house that only need to be cleaned every 1-2 months, so we deal with them less frequently on a daily basis. And when it’s time to clean it up, we can easily forget about it.

Let’s see what are the nine things in the kitchen that many forget about both the year and Disinfection cleaning process during!

1. Outside the fridge

Cleaning the refrigerator is a task that everyone does several times a year. In this case, we sort all the food, wipe the interior and wash the removable parts well. But one thing many forget: cleaning the outside of the refrigerator.

If not at other times, at least when cleaning the refrigerator, pay attention to the doors, top, and outside of the refrigerator. And we touch the handle several times a day, so it’s worth sanitizing it every month!

2. handles

Not only for the refrigerator, but for all kitchen furniture and appliances, it is worth disinfecting the handles every 1-2 months. Just think about the fact that while cooking you can even reach for the handle of the spice drawer with your juicy hand and then forget to wipe it. This way, bacteria can quickly form on these surfaces, which is the least we want to see around food!

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3. Microwave oven

It’s an exaggeration to say we never clean a micro, but the truth is that most people have much less time to pick up a micro than they should. Perhaps because it is considered a long task. All you really need is a bowl of a mixture of water and vinegar in which you put half a lemon.

Do this for 2 minutes, then wipe the inside of the appliance with a paper towel and you are guaranteed a clean and fragrant microwave! Not too awful, is it?

4. Between two bottles of the oven door

Have you ever thoroughly cleaned the glass part of your oven after cleaning the oven thoroughly? This may be because you did not wipe the area between the two bottles. Most oven doors can be easily disassembled for easy access to the interior walls. It’s worth taking the time to do this every six months to get perfect hygiene!

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5. Dish dryer

The dryer is where we pour the dripping water from when we empty the plates from it and don’t pay special attention to it. However, thorough washing and wiping dry every few weeks will not hurt because it is exposed to constant moisture, so bacteria will feel comfortable on it. Also, it’s good to know that if you use a plastic dish dryer, it’s a good idea to replace it with a new one every year, while the higher-quality metal versions are more durable!

6. Coffee maker

If you have a coffee maker, it is certainly not enough to start cleaning when you indicate descaling. The interior of the machine is a veritable paradise for dollars, providing them with a wet, humid and warm environment.

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So you should empty both coffee capsules and coffee beans daily, depending on the type of machine you have. In addition to emptying, it is safe to wash them and then put them back in the washing machine after wiping and drying them.

7. Knife holder

While cleaning the kitchen in bulk, we usually empty the shelves, unpack the drawers, and wipe the furniture well. But in the case of the cutlery drawer, many people take out the cutlery holder and just delete the drawer. While in fact the storage should be more clean.

I know it’s crazy to unscrew all the cutlery and then put it back in, but believe me, it only takes 20 minutes and the cleanliness of the cutlery is important!

8. Shake salt and pepper

I have already drawn your attention to the fact that it is worth disinfecting the handles often, as we touch them daily. The same is true for salt and pepper shakers.

Honestly, how many times have you cleared the surface of these? We usually upload them every month and don’t really deal with them for more than that, although we should! After all, we touch it every day and offer it from hand to hand!

9. Hood filter

The outside of hoods above stoves or stoves is exposed to a lot of dirt. Steam or stains can leave sticky traces on it, and they are usually wiped off after each cooking.

However, cleaning surfaces is not enough in the long run. It is advisable to clean the filter part well every few months, as it can become clogged and greasy easily. The hoods that are not built into furniture can be easily disassembled and sterilized.

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We believe our cleaning routine is very thorough and effective. However, there can always be one or two corners in our home that we forget. Or we don’t want to pay attention to it directly because cleaning it is a tedious and time-consuming task. But remember: from time to time it is also useful to clean the places that do not necessarily appear to your eyes on a daily basis, so that you can avoid allergy symptoms and infections! How often do you clean these nine places?

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This post was written by Cserta Szandra, home organization consultant and founder of Happiness Outside.

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