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9 magical places in the country where you can enjoy the blossoms of the almond tree

9 magical places in the country where you can enjoy the blossoms of the almond tree

Not only is it a harbinger of the first spring flowers spreading their petals across the country, but the almond trees, glowing pink, are also beginning to bloom.

Gellert Hill

In the last days of February, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful almond trees in Budapest bloomed. Gellert Hill is a popular attraction among residents of the capital and tourists, and can be reached via a winding road surrounded by flowering trees. The magnificent view does not disappoint in any year, and from the blossoming almond tree you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Szabadság Bridge and the neighboring Hotel Gellért, as well as the Pest side dotted with residential buildings.

Photo: Zsombor Gyorko

Peshigi, Balatongyoruk

The autumn vineyards of Beşiji are more beautiful than the hillsides dressed in spring clothes and covered in almond trees. Becehegy, also considered the vineyard hill of Balatongyörök, offers an exceptional panoramic view of the stele hills, as well as the sparkling waters of Lake Balaton. If you've enjoyed the blooming almond trees, it's worth going for a romantic stroll along the streets lined with press houses.

Photo: Katalin Vij
Osszátok meg velünk hazánk festői kirándulóhelyeiről készült saját készítésű fotóitokat a "Magyarország legszebb helyei" Facebook-csoportunkban. Ide kattintva tudtok csatlakozni!

Buda Arboretum

The hidden Buda Arboretum, which can be visited for free, holds the citizens of the capital in the palm of its hand in every season, but in spring it delights those who want to recharge their batteries in nature with a veritable flood of flowers. Walking past Lake Finiktlin, few people know about the opening of the Arboretum of Villani Haut, and that it is one of the arboretums with the richest botanical collection in the country. The garden, which can be walked through narrow paths, provides visitors with a number of wonderful spring flowers in addition to almond trees that shed their petals.

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1114 Budapest, Villány út 29-43. | website

Photo: Zsouza Sohajda


On the border of Balatongyoruk, on Route 71 towards Vonyarkvašeghi, there is a short section that turns pink at the beginning of spring. This is none other than the row of almond trees in Balatongyorok, which puts a smile on the face of anyone who passes by. The almond trees lined up one after the other provide a wonderful sight as they line the road with their flowery branches, so it is worth a visit during your trip to Balaton.

Photo: Norbert Kerekes

Polish Church, Hegymagas

Located at the southwestern foot of the enchanting Sint György Hegy mountain, Higimagas has a fairy-tale-worthy spring scene, especially for lovers of flower-covered trees. The sight of Lengyel Church standing in the charming village-like countryside is made unforgettable by the flowering almond trees. All this is just the beginning, as at the same time we can enjoy Lake Balaton from an unparalleled perspective.

Photo: Katalin Vij

It's worth staying a little longer in the charming village of Balaton:

Haviheji, Bex

After a spring walk in the center of Pécs, which has a Mediterranean atmosphere, it is worth wandering around and conquering Hafeheji, which offers a wonderful view of the city. On the summit of Haviheji, which can be reached on foot via steep slopes and stairs, almond trees open their petals in spring, next to the Church of Our Lady in the Snow. Many people agree that this spring spectacle has already impressed more than one person: proof of this is that one of the ancient almond trees found here won the European Tree of the Year 2019 award.

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Photo: Ferenc Takac

Casa Crista, Balatonlos

At arm's length from Balatonfüred, in the heart of Balatonszőlős, hides a fantastical estate, the country's first agricultural farm, where, among other things, you can enjoy not only relaxation, refreshments and gastronomic pleasures. The Casa Christa property offers a magnificent view of Lake Balaton, and in spring, no less than two thousand almond trees bloom and sweep over guests staying in one of the charming press houses.

8233 Palatonslos, Isabella Ott | website

Photo: Casa Crista

it's disgusting

The historic city of Sumig has put on its spring clothes, with the cobblestone streets of Sumig already covered in flowering trees at the beginning of March. Finding almond trees among the trees resplendent in their floral outfits: looking for them on a spring walk, while catching a glimpse of Sumig Castle towering before us, equals a real and lasting experience.

Photo: Norbert Kerekes

They cheat

While in summer it enters the public consciousness as the jazz capital of Balaton, in spring it is known as the Balos of Balaton because of its flowering almond trees. The tranquil atmosphere and the enchanting view of the Hungarian Sea through the flowering almond trees that can be discovered during a pleasant spring tour are not to be missed. To get the full experience, it's worth exploring the flowering fruit trees in the nearby settlement of Lovas.

Photo: Christina Pan

If you can also enjoy the sparkling saffron like a sea of ​​purple flowers:

Featured image: Norbert Kerekes

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