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9 amazing places you’d be sorry to miss this September

9 amazing places you’d be sorry to miss this September

In the first month of autumn, you don’t have to worry that the excitement will be less after the end of summer, as countless new restaurants have opened their doors in Budapest, which are definitely worth a visit!

Pasha Cafe

Last summer, the Turkish Garden, created in a Mediterranean atmosphere, in a really secluded corner in the Buda Castle area, was open to visitors, and this summer it has been expanded with a cozy little café. Pasha Café not only serves refreshing drinks and delicious coffee, but also offers a great view of the capital from the terrace.

1014 Budapest, Faralya Utca 14. | website

Photo: Pasha Cafe Facebook

Szukoz – Literary Cafe

The café, which opened in the building of the Petofi Literary Museum, welcomes its visitors with an elegant environment, wonderful cakes, refreshing soft drinks and high-quality coffee. In the cozy café, plates and glasses adorned with literary quotes deserve a special mention, and after a snack, you can even take a stroll in the Karolei garden.

1053 Budapest, Karoli Utca 16. | website

Photo: Ursula Laszlo

Toto Tango Curt Cafe

The elegantly designed Garden Room not only serves as a café, but also occasionally hosts various concerts, talks and exhibitions. Everyone is guaranteed to find something to like on the show’s exciting offering, but you’ve also come to the right place if you just want to de-stress after a long day.

1068 Budapest, Benzzor Str. 45. | website

Photo: Toto Tango Curt Cafe Facebook

Cubazie stage bar

In the heart of the city, a stone’s throw from the Danube, a unique sidewalk bar awaits you, where you can sample craft beers, specialty cocktails and local wines while admiring the extraordinary views of the river. The beach bar’s unforgettable atmosphere is not left behind either, as palm trees and trees evoke the feeling of a beach holiday.

1117 Kopaszi-gát, Opole Observatory 2. | website

Photo: Kobaze Stage Bar Facebook

Koi Restaurant

For lovers of special tastes XIII. KOI Restaurant has just opened in the area, where you can sample the most delicious Asian favourites. The varied menu also includes appetizers, sushi and Vietnamese soups.

1132 Budapest, Visegrad Street 14. | website

Photo: Koi Restaurant Facebook

My little garden

The impressive Garden Room dates from the 15th century. The little jewel box of the area, where you can enjoy delicious food, refreshing drizzle and delicious lemonade in a real family atmosphere. Both young and old will have a great time in the homely furnished garden, and the four-legged family members don’t have to stay at home either.

1154 Budapest, Bankot Utca 28. | website

Photo: My Little Garden Facebook

In the Budapest hotpot

The new dimension of delicious cooking food is becoming more and more popular in our country, and now you can try the authentic hotpot experience in the new restaurant in Chinatown! You can add many ingredients to the steamed, spiced broth, which you can finally top off with the flavors on the sauce table.

1107 Budapest, Gjenie Utca 28. | website

Photo: In Town Hotpot Budapest Facebook

Fresca 2.0

In the heart of the city centre, Hungarian bistro cuisine, with its Italian highlights and pasta dough textures, welcomes anyone who wants to try exciting specialties as well as classic dishes. On the menu, you can choose from various soups, fish and game, and of course exquisite desserts cannot be left out.

1072 Budapest, Dob Utca 56-58. | website

Photo: Fresca 2.0 Facebook

The second magic

VI. In the area’s new magical castle, fans of the magical world are welcomed with open arms every day of the week, with brunch on offer all day, magical treats and smoking potions, and in the evenings complemented by amazing alcoholic concoctions. All this is accompanied by an impressive interior design, where we can discover details imbued with magic – magical creatures, images that come to life in every corner.

1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 45. | website

Photo: The Magic II Facebook

Wonderful autumn festivals await you in September in Budapest:

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