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9 amazing places on Lake Balaton where you should sit for a coffee or a biscuit

9 amazing places on Lake Balaton where you should sit for a coffee or a biscuit

We can list for a long time the number of places worth visiting in the hope of delicious coffee and delicious cake on the northern and southern shores of Lake Balaton. This time, we recommend nine amazing restaurants for you to discover and try.

Pagetti, Kistheli

This year will be the fifth year that Pajti has found a home in the heart of Keszthely, with the city's most unique display ever. The place that first opened its wings as a café has transformed its offer over the years according to the needs of its guests, so today it is worth a visit not only for the excellent coffee and world-famous cake, but also for the bistro dishes representing the Asian line and for breakfast.

8360 Kizthili, Bim Joseph Sh. 1. | website | Facebook

Photo: Biggie's Facebook page

Monisoti, Genisdias

Gyenesdias' animated cookie paradise has enjoyed continued popularity since its opening, and it's no coincidence! Nostalgic homemade cakes can be found at every cake counter in Mónisüti on Madách Street, which features worldly desserts as well as novelty desserts. What they have in common is that each piece is made with heart and soul, and of course the delicious coffee to go with them.

8315 Genisdias, Madach Sh. 46. ​​​​​| website | Facebook

Photo: Monisoti Facebook page

Promenade Café, Balatongyoruk

When visiting Balatongyörök, it's not worth leaving the settlement without at least stopping for a coffee at Promenád Kávéház. Heavenly refreshments, teas and cakes await you to savor in the café serving its own roasted coffee, as well as breakfast dishes that brighten the day, which can be eaten on the terrace while admiring Lake Balaton.

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8313 Balatongyorok, Vörede út 50. | website | Facebook

Photo: Promenád Kávéház Facebook page

La tine badaccioni

Everyone has probably heard some good words about La Téne Dessert Workshop, which has found its headquarters in the former post office building in Badacsonytomaj. Unparalleled in its atmosphere as well as in its locally made offerings, La Téne attracts guests from near and far to Lake Balaton, who can enjoy this laudable experience with excellent coffee and exquisitely designed desserts and pastries.

8258 Badaksonitomag, Park St. 3. | website | Facebook

Photo: La Téne Badacsony's Facebook page

Terrace of Coteugus Café, Tihany

Although there is no doubt that it is difficult to get away from Tihany's panoramic view of Balaton, it is still worth heading towards Belső-tó, where in the immediate vicinity you will find the Kotyogós Café Terrace. Away from the hustle and bustle, but within reach of nature, warm hospitality and excellent coffee as well as delicious cakes, sandwiches and breakfast dishes ensure lasting experiences.

8237 Tihany, Aranihas Sh. Time: 089/2 | Facebook

Photo: Kotoyogós Kávéterasz Facebook page

Blue sky, Balatonfüred

After a leisurely stroll on the Tagore Promenade, at arm's length from Lake Balaton, it's worth heading down Kisvalody Street and relaxing with the wonderful specialty coffee at ÉgSzínKék. In the café, open every day of the year, you can also order a slice of vegan Zabracadabra cake and paleo cake to accompany your delicious black coffee, and in the evening, it is worth trying cocktails made based on their own recipes.

8230 Balatonfüred, Kisfaludi st. 1. | website | Facebook

Photo: Facebook page ÉgSzínKék Balatonfüred

Rusty coffee box, Balatonacaratia

You don't have to go far from the shores of Lake Balaton in Balatonakarate either, if you get thirsty while walking, want refreshments, snacks or just a good coffee. All you need to do is enter Kisfaludy Park and make a pilgrimage to The Rusty Coffee Box on the promenade, where excellent cakes, delicious coffee and, of course, a magnificent panorama of Balaton awaits you on their terrace.

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8172 Balatonkaratia, Kisvaludi Park | Facebook

Photo: The Rusty Coffee Box Facebook page

Faya Bakery, Zamardi

Faya Bakery, a café and bakery in Zamardi, strengthens the Balaton restaurant camp all year round. So, if you've been to the southern shore of Lake Balaton and want a crispy, soft croissant, a strong espresso or a creamy cappuccino, or go home with a delicious sandwich or sourdough bread, you'll find all the delicacies at Faya Bakery.

8621 Zamardi, Kossuth Laius Sh. 2. | Facebook

Photo: Faya Bakery Facebook page

Bobistro, Xantude

On the terrace of the specialty café in Szántód, you can recharge your batteries with delicious breakfasts and delicious coffee in the sunshine. In Bubistro's small kitchen, fresh pastries are prepared one by one, delicious snacks that are essential to start the day, as well as great snacks. The particularly good news is that vegan and traditional cakes await those with a sweet tooth at the counter.

8622 Zhantod, Jiolai Jinni Sh. 11. | website | Facebook

Photo: Bubistro Facebook page

If you want to visit the private parks and botanical gardens of Balaton before or after coffee:

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