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8,600-year-old bread was found, and this is what it looks like now

8,600-year-old bread was found, and this is what it looks like now

Catalhoyuk, located in present-day Turkey, was one of the first developed settlements on Earth. The proto-city that cannot be named after a BC city. 6800 – BC, and its peak occurred in the period between 6300 and its area is approximately. 1000 houses with an average area of ​​25 square meters and inhabited by 5-8 thousand people. BC Catalhöyük, which was depopulated around 5700-5500, has remained in extremely good condition for posterity (see opening image), and archaeologists have been working in the area since the 1960s.

The good condition is reflected in the archaeologists' recent announcement:

The remains were found in a kiln in 2021, but at first it was not clear what spongy material was found. First, experts realized that it was definitely a pasta dish that had already undergone heat treatment. With the help of carbon isotope dating, they were also able to say that B.C. Someone made them around 6600, but they are no longer used.


Fortunately for researchers and the world today, thanks to the unique “packaging” of the bread, it has remained in perfect condition for thousands of years. “Everything was covered with a thin layer of clay, which made it possible to find organic remains,” said Dr. Ali Umut Turkkan, the expert leading the excavations at Anadolu University.

From the remains of Çatalhöyük, we can learn a lot about how people's diets changed over time. Animal bones were also found here, indicating the domestication of animals: hunting was less important at this time – at least in the Middle East.

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The 8,600-year-old bread is ancient, but not the oldest: In 2018, 14,400-year-old flatbread-like food remains were found in Jordan.


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