8 Ways to Know You Are Ready For School to Start Back

We all love the summer! But, let’s be honest- there’s always that turning point where the same old things get boring and we’re ready to jump into another school year. If you find yourself doing these things, you’re ready for school to start back:

  1. Meeting with your advisor to compare classes and make sure that we are on track for graduation
  2. Budgeting money for fees that may come up during the semester (organization fees, extras needed for classes, etc.)
  3. Already shopping for school supplies (FYI: the best sales always occur the week before or the first week of school)
  4. Glancing at our school schedule EVERY OTHER DAY
  5. Ordering textbooks Early.
  6. Waking up early so that it’s not as difficult when classes actually do begin
  7. Preparing snacks for between classes
  8. Planning around our classes for homecoming- most HBCU students start planning for this months ahead. If we work hard-we deserve to play harder!

What are some of the ways that help you know if you’re ready for school?!


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