70 years and 70 places - new car parks can be created

70 years and 70 places – new car parks can be created

Indri Barta, District Local Government Representative, Zolt Miesi, Deputy Mayor in charge of City Governance, and Gergeli Kalou gave a pleasing announcement in information this morning next to the former Abu Dhabi University School.

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The event entitled 70 years, 70 places, which also refers to the city’s birthday, is organized, and not by chance – as Indre Barta pointed out, the planned works are also aimed at creating a more livable city:
“Much progress has been made in recent months, just to mention creating a community rock garden, relaunching the donation corner or creating the city’s first indoor dog runner – however, locals are rightly asking about the problem to mitigate parking issues. I can also provide an ad. Positive for them: We will create 70 new parking spaces in the yard of the institution behind us, the former school at Abu Dhabi University. It is expected that by the end of the fall, motorists will be able to take over the converted area – so we want to mitigate the known and truly worrisome parking problems in Region.
Indre Barta thanked Deputy Mayor Zsolt Mezei and Gergely Kálló for supporting the plans – he emphasized, there is great hope that work will start at the end of the summer after the contract and planning phase have been concluded. The representative added that according to the plans, seven new car parks could be constructed on Váci Mihály Street next summer due to a small-scale work.

Suggestions are also welcome!

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Deputy Mayor Zsolt Mezei said that the city’s situation can be planned, but there are several factors that impede the development of new parking lots:
We are balancing on a thin edge when planning, because the law regulates the amount of green space we have to maintain in a residential area, and we want to maintain the amount of green space in the city anyway. However, we will continue to look for neglected, grassy and untapped areas – we are also waiting for suggestions in this area! The development of public transportation and the promotion of cycling could bring about significant advances in this area.
Gergeli Kalou also commented similar threads in the prospectus; As emphasized by the Member of Parliament, the problems related to parking are also important in the national context:
The number of cars is increasing significantly, as is the need for parking. In our city, the situation is further complicated by the fact that more cars per family is not uncommon in ready-made areas. It is clear that this bottleneck can be addressed in the long run by systematically researching and mapping new opportunities, and making cheap and reasonable decisions. The current plan is a very good example of this – I am confident that on the one hand it will be admired by the concerned population, and on the other it will be able to continue elsewhere!

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