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7 tips for preserving dried geraniums

7 tips for preserving dried geraniums

At any time, a geranium can begin to wilt despite well-cared for, but there are a number of steps you can take to restore this beloved flower to health and thriving.

Geraniums are one of our favorite balcony plants, we can enjoy their flowers from spring until the autumn frosts. It is an important and showy member of country gardens. It can be easily cared for and propagated. For abundant flowering, choose a sunny location and feed it regularly. After overwintering, cut the stems again in the spring and plant them preferably in geranium soil.

Once the geraniums dry out, many people immediately panic, although there is no need to despair. There are many steps we can take to make this beloved ornamental plant healthy and thriving again, and our geraniums sparkling once again. That’s why we get a lot of good advice posted on the Agricultural Site website In the article.


What can we do with dried geranium?

The geraniums that decorate our garden, like many other plants, are an important part of our life. After all, we take care of it every day so that we can enjoy its beauty for a long time. However, it can happen at any time, despite the care, that our beloved flower begins to dry out, and there are many reasons for this. But let’s not give up, let’s try to save her and give her a chance to grow her flowers again.

The steps mentioned below must be performed in order to save geraniums.

  • Cut off the dried parts
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The first thing we need to do is remove dried or wilted leaves and flowers. Use sharp scissors or pruning shears and dig out the dead parts. Geraniums need to get rid of dead tissue in order to regain their strength.

If your geranium is too stretched or drooping, use a plant support to support it and help it return to its original shape. Geraniums are susceptible to stunted growth, especially if they do not get enough light.

Wilted geraniums may need new soil. You can transplant it into fresh, nutrient-rich potting soil which helps the plant gain new momentum. Make sure the pot has good drainage.

Geraniums require regular and even watering. Don’t let it dry out too much, but also avoid over-draining. The optimal amount and frequency of watering depends on local conditions and the size of the pot.

In order for the geranium to bloom again, it also needs fertilization. Use a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer and follow instructions on how and when to fertilize.

Geraniums love sunlight, but protect them from excessive heat and direct midday sun. The ideal location is partial shade in the afternoon, where it receives enough light, but is protected from the heat.

  • Control of diseases and pests

Check your geraniums for diseases and pests. If you notice problems such as aphids or mold, deal with them properly so they do not spread and damage the plant.

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