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7 mistakes that make your kitchen look smaller

The kitchen can’t be big enough, can it? We are able to fill even the most spacious in seconds. Of course, there are things we have to stress about in our kitchen, and in many cases the room seems smaller because we are using the space poorly. Fortunately, interior designers have great tips on how to avoid these decorating mistakes.

If the feeling of suffocation, overcrowding, is slowly creeping into our kitchen, it is worth considering whether one of the following seven conditions is also present in our case. According to an interior designer, these decorating and design mistakes make a home look much smaller our kitchenas it already is.

1. A very large kitchen island

Everyone has probably seen a kitchen with an island big enough to hold up to ten people. that’s cool! – We think first, but there are kitchens in which there is not enough space for a large island. Especially if it means sacrificing the space we can drive in. “There should be at least one meter between the kitchen island and the cupboard in optimal condition, so you can move around and pack comfortably,” said interior designer Stephanie Brown.

Kitchen Furniture 7 Wrong

An extra large kitchen island makes our kitchen look even smaller

“A kitchen island is simply not a solution for any kitchen, and the functionality of the room often falls victim to this design element. If this is also the case in our kitchen, let’s choose a movable island block that can be flexibly moved anywhere, as the situation requires,” suggested interior designer Anna Franklin.

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2. We keep many small utensils on the kitchen table

Of course, you need the air fryer, rice cooker, coffee maker, food processor with mixing bowl, but do we always use them all at the same time?! However, it takes up a lot of useful space on the kitchen counter, moreover We also feel that the kitchen is crowdedIf only we kept all the tools on the table the whole time. One quick fix for the situation is to put it in a closet.

The other is to integrate these devices into the cabinet, when they are not in use, we can close the door, but if necessary, they are waiting to connect to the network, so there is no need to take them out, we just open the cabinet door and they can be turned on. The counter is clean, transparent and tidy.

3. The lighting in our kitchen is bad

One of the most common mistakes people make when decorating their kitchen is not paying enough attention to lighting design. For example, if we use very soft lighting, it makes our kitchen appear smaller. We could improve the situation a lot if we switched to a stronger light bulb. The light creates a feeling of more space.

The size of the bulbs is also important. If it is too small, our kitchen seems even smaller. Don’t skimp on the kitchen lamp, we just can’t pick out a big enough lamp here.

Kitchen Furniture 7 Wrong

Natural light increases the sense of space in our kitchen

At the same time, let’s not ignore natural light either. Choose light, sheer curtains to let in as much sunlight as possible, and you can also put a mirror in the kitchen, which doubles the natural light that enters through the window.

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4. We chose a very dark color scheme

“Dark tones are great, but we must also keep in mind that because of the darker shades Our kitchen may seem smaller – said the designer. “I also like dark kitchens, but only if there’s enough room to work in and it stays airy and spacious.”

Kitchen Furniture 7 Wrong

Dark colors are trendy, but they can make our kitchen look smaller

“You are dark wood painted kitchen cabinet It looks great, but if the cabinet on the floor side is a dark shade, and the top is a lighter color, then we can make a compromise: our kitchen still looks visually larger, but we also slipped into elegant dark colors. “

This neon kitchen looks like a set from the Barbie movie

5. We installed many kitchen cabinets

We all want to have as much storage space as possible in our kitchen, but there is such a thing as too many cupboards. Interior designer Nicole Salcida also points out that if you put a lot of wall-mounted cabinets in the kitchen, it makes the entire room heavier and closes up the space. “That is why it is worth confusing open shelves with glass doors With kitchen cabinetsTo break the feeling of being closed.

6. Our basin is small

A larger sink makes our kitchen look more elegant. According to the interior designer, you can double the feel of the countertop by placing a larger sink in place of a smaller one.

7. Oversized tile pattern in the kitchen

Stunning patterned tiles have been a big trend in the kitchen in recent years, but plain white subway tile is something we can’t go wrong with. If you definitely want to add some color, stick to natural shades and make your kitchen crazy with colorful kitchen utensils.

Kitchen Furniture 7 Wrong

The crowded pattern is amazing, but it makes the kitchen seem smaller

The raised, patterned tiles narrow the sense of space in the kitchen, preventing the eye from assimilating the things around it. “We mix different metals if we want a great kitchen, it’s way more complex if amazing, spacious kitchen We want,” the interior designer suggested.

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