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7 cozy cafes in different parts of the country worth visiting at least once

7 cozy cafes in different parts of the country worth visiting at least once

In our article, we’ve rounded up cozy country cafés and coffee shops to show you where to turn to good black if you’re headed in any direction as the winds boom.

Depressin: Black chip cafe and kitchen

It is no exaggeration to say that we will be able to spend a whole day at the Black Sheep Café in Debrecen, which has evolved over the years from a coffee roaster and café into a kitchen serving rich brunch, exquisite desserts, bread and Neapolitan pizza. They always have their coffee roasts in their grinders, which make us black from a simple espresso to a variety of specialty creations.

4024 Debrecen, Csapó utca 23.

the mouse: Kabo special coffee

Eger’s Kappu Specialty Coffee is waiting to be enjoyed by coffee lovers, and is appropriate if you just throw in a sturdy black for lentils or sit down, and talk to a good big one with a cup of cappuccino surrounded by vintage and retro gems. The counter always has great and similarly delicious pastries and pastries alongside the coffee, and professional barista tools on its shelves.

3300 Eger, Hebei Karoli Utka 19.

Miskolc: Sub Rosa Cafe

Not only its exterior, but also its interior style and Art Deco style, makes pedestrians on the main street of Miskolc stop, who want nothing more than an excellent coffee. Downtown café Sub Rosa is the origin and culinary hub of both the bar and gallery, on the one hand not to be missed if you’re heading towards Miskolc, but on the other hand, the atmosphere of the place itself is worth a trip.

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3525 Miskolc, Széchenyi utca 21.

Photo: Peter Oroz

Pecs: Coffee from Bex

The team of young baristas at Pécs Coffee believes in the reinterpreted coffee experience, where quality and expertise go hand in hand. In the heart of downtown, centrally located, yet hidden from prying eyes, is the espresso and brew bar of Pécs Coffee in an inner garden, where they serve a healthy breakfast in the morning and a snack in the afternoon. , of course with their coffee.

7621 Pecs, Al Rahim Street 6.

prostration: Greyhound

We have almost a full range of coffee at our disposal in the cozy café in the center of Szeged, in the Greyhound. In the large-windowed café overlooking the street and garden, you’ll find daily stewed specials, handmade cookie specials, Lápasto fruit smoothies and artist galleries, of course with our four-legged companions on site.

6722 Szeged, Vitz Utka 20.

Szombathely: Palmora hut heating

The Balmora Warming Hut moved to the bustling downtown in the western corner of the country a few years ago. Serving great specialty coffee with plants and nice wood paneling, the café, which has become an island of peace, is surrounded by croissants, cakes, sandwiches and bread that goes perfectly in black and can be shared with our four legged companions.

9700 Szombathely, Fő tér 45.

Visprem: art

The true feature of Veszprém, KUNSZT, was opened in the famous Rosenberg House on the Old Town Square. The Bistro Café is also a community space, gallery, and design shop, preserving the work of artisans and designers connected to Lake Balaton. In addition to its workshops and community programs, it features cutting-edge gastronomic assets, an intimate melting pot for local patriots and city visitors, which is a good thing to see in the morning, noon, and evening.

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8200 Veszprem, Old Town Square 1.

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