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7 amazing places in Nagykanizsa that are worth a weekend getaway

7 amazing places in Nagykanizsa that are worth a weekend getaway

In Szép Zala, there is no season when it is not worth making a pilgrimage here in the hope of rejuvenation, delicious Zala food and relaxation. For a holiday in Nagykanizsa, we recommend some sites that are particularly worth exploring.

Photo: Gabor Varga

Norma coffee

Nagykanizsa specialty café, which found its home 6 years ago, is a sin not to be missed if you are in the city. Whether it's a good start to the day, a delicious new lunch, an afternoon coffee or a well-deserved ice cream, you'll find it all at Norma's Café. Of course, freshly baked pastries, sourdough breads and desserts that put a smile on your face cannot be missed from the menu. On a weekend visit, you don't have to go next door for a delicious brunch, nor for a glorified breakfast of croissants dipped in cappuccino.

8800 Nagykanizsa, Erzsébet tér 20. | Facebook

Photo: Norma Coffey Facebook page

Boating lake

Lake Csónakázó, popular with locals and hikers alike, awaits those who want to relax and recharge their batteries at the southeastern end of the city. The artificial lake, simply called Csóto among the people who live here, can be strolled comfortably on a boardwalk or by bike. The fact that young and old in the family can recharge their batteries in this tranquil environment is indisputable, as there are countless forms of active entertainment – ​​playground, gym, mountain bike trail – and even a selfie spot suitable for taking pictures. After walking around the boating lake To the highest viewpoint in Transdanubia Also worth a visit, which used to serve as an oil platform, but now offers an unparalleled panorama after climbing 230 steps.

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Photo: Gabor Varga

Other sights not to be missed in Nagykanizsa >>

Statues of merchants' wives

After the famous buildings in the city centre, Erzsébet tér and Fő út, including the Vasemberház, it is worth heading to the Old Town, which also colors the heart of the city, and take a pleasant walk here. On Nagykanizsa's pedestrian street, which was reborn a few years ago, life-sized statues of merchants' wives that have been hanging since 2019 symbolize the settlement's past as a 19th-century trading town. The bronze sculptures brought to life by the Kaposvár sculptor pay tribute not only to the city's past and history, but also to the girls and women of the city.

8800 Nagykanizsa, Adi Endre Sh. 1.

Photo: Anikko Hatvani

Enchanting landscapes await you just one arm away:

Cocker Works Cafe

Whether you are passing through Nagykanizsa or have planned several days in Nagykanizsa, the city center of Cukker Művek Kávéház is definitely worth a visit. It is worth visiting them not only if you want to eat a rich chocolate or fruit dessert, but also if you want to spend a little time with a delicious coffee, traditional or complimentary cake and enjoy the unparalleled hospitality of the city and Coker.

8800 Nagykanizsa, Foot 26. | website | Facebook

Photo: Cukker Művek Kávéház Facebook page

Philosopharos Church of the Heart of Jesus

There was once a cemetery on the site of the slender Roman Catholic church that stood in the heart of the city, its tower reaching to the sky. The original church was built in honor of Saint John of Nepomuk in the Baroque style at the end of the 18th century. The church needed to be expanded several times over the decades and centuries, and acquired its current form in the mid-20th century. Only the slender tower was left unaffected by the renovations, so it can be enjoyed in its original state in the city centre.

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8800 Nagykanizsa, Deak Ferenc Ter 6.

Photo: Anikko Hatvani

Bird Forest Nature Trail

Those who, after Csónakázó Lake and the lookout point, want to be in a wild environment, accompanied by the chirping of birds, will recharge their batteries in the forest environment, for them the winding 1.5 km nature trail offers bird forest experiences. On the nature trail marked with birds, information boards help you get to know better the birds that live in the Zala forests, including sparrows, diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey, thrushes, swallows, doves and warblers, but also herons and storks. Providing new knowledge and refreshment, the forest site also offers visitors rhododendrons that bloom in spring.

Photo: Zsombor Gyorko

Vineyard Restaurant

Szőlőskert Restaurant awaits its guests in a Mediterranean setting for delicious snacks and perhaps relaxation. Set in a natural setting surrounded by vineyards, the restaurant focuses on high-quality ingredients and home-cooked meals. The restaurant's garden is home to the Piac a Kertben producers' fair on Fridays, but not only can we buy local ingredients, but thanks to the restaurant, we can also taste them here. Of course, the seasonal menu cannot miss the delicacies typical of the region, as well as dodolli, forest mushrooms and game meat.

8800 Nagykanizsa, Szőlősgazda út 1. | website | Facebook

Photo: Vzzőlőskert – Vineyard Inn Facebook page

You can also find a magical gorge near Nagykanizsa:

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