6 Tips for Apartment Hunting

Apartment Hunting is never fun and can actually be a bit stressful unless you already know where you want to live and it’s available, then this most likely won’t apply to you. I done my fair share of moving so looking for apartments is fairly easy when following these tips:

1. Set a budget: You should set a budget for how low and how high you’re willing to pay for rent, also factor in bills ( Light, Cable, Wifi etc.)

2. What amenities can you live with and without: do you want your apartment to have a gym, be pet-friendly, in-unit washer and dryer, balcony, fireplace etc. figure out what you can live with and live without too narrow down your choices.

3. Pick an area: Do you want to live Uptown, Downtown, gated community, near your school, near your job, near your favorite shopping center etc. you should feel comfortable in the area you choose to live.

4. Take an in-person tour of the apartment: don’t just trust and go off the floor plan, get a feel for how much space you’ll have to work with. Bonus: visit the apartment during the night as well to get a feel for parking and night activity.

5. Ask about leasing options, security deposit, what they require of you before you sign a lease.

6. Figure out if you want a roommate: if yes make sure the person is trustworthy and that you all mesh well together.



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  • Tyler Meredith Reply

    April 18, 2017 at 3:33 PM

    I like the recommendation to take an in person tour of the apartment. It makes sense that it would be good to take a tour because it could really show whether it would be a good option and if you’d feel comfortable. It’s something I’ll have to remember because if I plan on staying a long time, a comfortable space is necessary so I don’t get cramped.

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