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6 Steps To Take After Completing A Degree

You’ve walked the aisle with your friends, and you’ve thrown your graduation cap in the air. It’s official—you finally graduated!  Your years of constant sacrifice have been rewarded, and you can finally make up for all the sleep you lost in college. What’s next?

The day after your graduation, it’s going to be quiet and surprisingly empty. What are you supposed to do now that you’ve graduated?  Mabe, this is your chance to do what you really love. 

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  • Rest And Recharge

College is a whirlwind of emotions and experiences that it has probably taken a toll on you. Thus, it is only fitting to give yourself some time to rest. You can take all the time you need—weeks, months, or even years. However, most people only take a year off, which you call a gap year. It’s a sabbatical, and it allows you to think about how you want to move forward now that you’re about to enter the corporate world.

It’s essential to rest. Having enough rest allows you to think more clearly. It’s also the best time to plan and decide what you want to do in life. This can be your time to get to know other people and explore different places, as well as gather memories and experiences that you can apply in the future.

  • Continue Learning

Some people are so keen about going to school that they proceed to another after they graduate from their course. According to many, learning never stops. Thus, if you want to pursue something more, you can enroll in another class next semester. 

If you want a more in-depth knowledge of your course, you can enroll in a master’s program. This is an exciting way to be more knowledgeable and develop more strategic innovations in the future. In a master’s program, you’re given the proper resources to conduct research, which will contribute to the world. You’ll become an expert in the field and start making a name for yourself as you develop and conduct training, classes, and other activities to help people and organizations.

  • Find A Job
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If you’ve got nothing else to do, find a job and dive right in. The competition in the corporate world is highly challenging, and you need to be skillful, smart, and witty to land the job you’re applying for. However, as you’re a fresh graduate, don’t immediately expect to find your dream job. Most of the time, you need to go through a complicated process to get where you want to be.

This is normal, and there’s nothing wrong with you. There are just better chances for people who’ve had years of experience compared to a youngling like you. Thus, when you finally land a job, make sure to give it your all and learn whatever you can. This will be your stepping stone and preparatory stage for when you finally find that dream job.

  • Establish A Startup Business

If you find working for a corporate agency boring, perhaps, you can start your own company.

What do you want to do in life?  What’s your favorite hobby?  Answer these questions and evaluate how passionate you are about them. If you think it’s a match made in heaven, research how you can move forward with it.

Usually, when you decide to build your own startup company, you already have a clue about how you’re going to make your product. The only problem you have is your money for capital and marketing strategy. You can learn this by yourself—slowly and surely. You have all the time to be careful about your decisions to make your future business a success.

  • Travel

Traveling is such a great way to learn about different cultures. Likewise, it can help you relax and explore different parts of the world. Knowing other people’s way of life is essential to better appreciate what you have and experience what they can offer. Traveling will make you more mature and allow you to move out of your comfort zone.

With you being away from home and traveling independently, you’ll learn to be more careful of your belongings and become hyper-aware of your environment. This is one way to get to know yourself better. All the things you’re scared of will be gone or limited because you already know how to handle new environments and people. 

Through traveling, you’ll get to know a lot of people and share experiences with them. This is also a way for you to build your network. The people you meet while you travel may be able to provide you with many opportunities.

  • Volunteer
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If you have advocacies and things close to your heart, it’s best to find organizations that have the same beliefs as you do. You can choose from many organizations, and a lot of people will appreciate your help. To volunteer, you can find answers to these questions:

  • What cause do you care about?
  • What skills can you offer?
  • How much time can you dedicate?

Once you answer these simple questions, you can start looking for your chosen causes’ websites and find volunteer openings. Volunteering for a cause will open your eyes to the reality that some people are suffering and that you’re very blessed in life. Thus, you can share your compassion with them and help them live a better life.


Life after college is unpredictable. Thus, before you do anything, think about it and reflect. You can even meditate if it means giving yourself peace of mind and a positive outlook. Likewise, as you face your new reality, be brave and embrace the coming changes. It will be quite challenging, but the challenges will mold you to become the person you’re meant to be.

Long gone are the days of coming home drunk from late-night parties, or waking up early in the morning to cram for your 8 AM exam. Now, it’s time to mature and start turning your dreams into a reality.

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