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6 Great Places in Budapest Where You Can Refresh Yourself With a Refreshing Matcha Tea

6 Great Places in Budapest Where You Can Refresh Yourself With a Refreshing Matcha Tea

There is no better program on a hot summer day than sitting down to a delicious matcha drink, which not only refreshes you, but also has many positive effects.

Matcha Tsuki

Why not start the list with the first matcha dessert in town: Matcha Tsuki awaits guests hungry for delicious novelties at Calvin Terre with a full range of matcha-based coffees, teas and specialty desserts. In the wide range, you can choose from a variety of different flavoured and prepared matchas, among which everyone is guaranteed to find something to suit their taste. Those who prefer more traditional flavours will not go hungry either, as in addition to matcha mochi, panna cotta, tiramisu, cheesecake, mousse cake, macarons and chocolate cake, the range also includes several types of vegan biscuits, ice cream and coffee.

1053 Budapest, Calvin ter 2. | website

Image: Matcha Tsuki

Cafe by Hi Nam

Bartók Béla út is home to some of the best coffee shops, one of the most atmospheric of which is Caphe by Hai Nam, which is worth a visit at any time of day. You can sit down for breakfast, lunch or a snack in this atmospheric Vietnamese café, and you can also take home the special packaged coffee beans. In addition to the many delicious snacks, there is also the opportunity to sample slow-brewed Vietnamese coffee, however, if you want a real refreshment, order an iced matcha!

1114 Budapest, Bartók Bela Ott 35. | Facebook

Photo: Kabi High Nam

No / my big mother

At Nor/ma Grand in Margit körúti you can jump into the Scandinavian lifestyle and enjoy great breakfasts, exquisite pastries, special desserts, refreshing lemonade and coffee in a stunningly comfortable location. In the pleasant environment provided by the green garden, a wide range of matcha awaits you, you can try the Matcha Lemonade and Matcha Tonic, but of course you can also choose the classic Matcha Latte.

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1024 Budapest, Margit Korot 75-87. | Facebook

Photo: No / Grand Mother

Cafe East Budapest

Located right next to Keleti Railway Station, the café is the perfect choice if you want to brighten up a day of running around the city with a refreshing drink and a selection of delicious cakes. At the busy intersection, the café acts as a real little haven that pampers its guests with a wide range of drinks, freshly baked cakes, delicious biscuits and sliced ​​cakes, and the iced matcha latte takes the experience to new levels.

1077 Budapest, Paros ter 13.| Facebook

Photo: Cafe Orient Budapest

Madal Cafe – Specialty Coffee Bar

Madal opened its doors in 2013, and since then we can enjoy the experience of specialty coffee, delicious cakes and special drinks in three locations in Best. At each of the cozy locations, you can taste the heavenly black made with freshly ground coffee beans, and feel free to pair it with a slice of cake, banana bread, babka or energy balls. The range also includes chilled matcha, which you can also taste as a latte or tonic.

1054 Budapest Alkotmany Utca 4.
1053 Budapest Ferencsek Teré 3.
1136 Budapest Holan Ernie Utka 3.

Photo: Medal Cafe – Specialty Coffee Bar


Opened in a secluded corner of Vámház körút, Flatty strengthens the camp of Budapest’s smallest coffee shops, and its popular drink, which has become a hit on TikTok, can also be ordered with coffee and matcha. Following the coffee-to-go concept, you can only order your drinks to take with you, but thanks to its location, you can enjoy them in many cozy places. As a matcha lover, don’t miss this place, where you can sip delicious green tea in an unusual meal.

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1053 Budapest, Vamhaz krt. 8. | Instagram


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