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53-year-old Erika Miklosa without makeup: completely different than she was as The Voice star – Homeland

53-year-old Erika Miklosa without makeup: completely different than she was as The Voice star – Homeland

Angelic voice, the most impressive stages in the world, exquisite performance clothes, immaculate appearance – these are the first things that come to your mind when Erika Miklosa We believe

In keeping with the classics, he’s been making longer appearances in the evenings, but since we see him on TV every weekend as a coach for The Voice, we’ve also become accustomed to his more relaxed style. However, we rarely see her without makeup.

Erika Miklosa without makeup

However, on weekdays, she prefers naturalness: she hardly paints herself, and usually only applies some primer, mascara and some natural-colored lipstick. the Liloland As her guest, she showed how different it is if you’re not treated by a professional makeup team.

The 53-year-old singer takes great care of her skin: she protects it from the cold and wind with lavender oil while running, and leaves it to rest whenever possible.

In addition, she does not want different cosmetics to completely obscure her features, because she likes to be praised for her naturalness.

– On that day, for example, the water meter was read. I went out barefoot and in my pajamas to let the man in who looked at me and said: “Artist, you look almost better than you do on TV!”

Erika Miklosa, the little girl who is rarely seen

Erika Miklosa exceptionally showed off a photo in which she and her eight-year-old daughter Bebe appear together.

Long Term Intimacy – How do we keep the passion alive in our relationship?

October, guest of Femina Club Dr. Christa Hevesi is a sexual psychologist Who will it be with? Nora Szeli, the host of the evening talks, among other things, about how honest we can be with ourselves and with our partner. What taboos exist in relationships? What can be done if there is a lack of sexual intimacy and how can we prevent the flattening of relationships?

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You can read the fine print about the evening here:

Tickets are only available onlinein limited quantities.

date: October 17, 2023, at 6 p.m

location: Goboda Mall – Fun Theater


Cover image: RTL/The Voice

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