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50-year-old Monica Ullmann flashes a bombshell figure: the actress is strikingly young – the star of the house

50-year-old Monica Ullmann flashes a bombshell figure: the actress is strikingly young – the star of the house

Even though we had to officially say goodbye to summer, Monica Ullmann With his hot image, we can momentarily find ourselves back at the beginning of the good times.

The pictures of the 50-year-old actress on her page on the social networking site are always very radiant and youthful, and commentators often notice under her pictures that she does not look as old as her age.

Monica Ullmann hot photo

Monika Ullmann’s sexy image is back again: she posed for the camera in Budapest wearing denim shorts, a hat and a bold T-shirt that highlighted her stomach. It revealed a stunning view of the Danube River behind her, but commentators couldn’t help but focus on the actress.

In this hot outfit, it was impossible not to notice how slim her figure was. Her flat stomach has knocked many of her fans off their feet, with many commenting that they wish they looked like that.

“Have a good rest, artist, you are always so beautiful and slim!”

“You have a great personality Monica, and I envy you for that! And this shirt fits you so well!”

Monica Ullmann and David Miller on the front page

Monica Ullmann and her son David Miller appear on the cover in spring outfits.

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Cover image: Promedia

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