5 Ways to Achieve Your Dreams…and Succeed in Them

5 Ways to Achieve Your Dreams…and Succeed in Them

­Temperance McKinley

1. If You Can See Them

From the time you were a child, dreams have always flew through your mind. You see yourself as a teacher, fireman, famous singer, or athlete. It’s as if we were designed to imagine, and in imagining we find many dreams. If you can see a dream happening, then it’s possible!
2. If You Believe It

Seeing your dream can only get you so far. You have to actually believe the dream is possible. Our minds are very powerful, when controlling how our bodies work. If you don’t believe your dream is possible, you won’t push your body to achieve it. Believe it’s possible, and you’re that much closer to your dream.

Dreams Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.
3. Actions Speak Volumes

Ok so believing in your dream is the easy part, the action is when reality kicks in. Many people see a dream, believe it, but are too lazy or scared to put in the work. Achieving a dream may result in restless nights, or no “self” time. Truth is the moments you pause, someone is stepping over your head getting to the same dream, you have, but faster. Action speaks volume, remember movement, changes more, than sitting still.


4. Prepare to Be Alone

Not many people can handle an individual doing better than them. When people see you moving, fighting, and getting closer to your dream they try and distract you. Understand that when getting to your dreams, you may lose some friends, love ones, and gain enemies. You know the saying, if no one is hating on you, you must not be doing your job right.
5. Stay Humble, Learn, and Grow

Always remember once you’ve achieved your dreams, it can be taken away. It’s always best to stay humble, learn, and grow. Just because you have gotten to where you wanted to be doesn’t mean, you know it all. You never want to get to high that you can’t grow anymore. If you can’t grow or go higher, you can only come down; and that’s not what you want. So again remember stay humble, learn, and grow throughout the entire dream chasing process.


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