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5 tricks to find great movies on Netflix

5 tricks to find great movies on Netflix

If you don’t like serendipity (sorry, an algorithm that reads your tastes and thoughts) and Netflix New, let’s take a look at something to do with what you’re drugging after a workday, we’ll show you some cool tricks to search and find more purposefully in the depths of the streaming platform.

1. Preferred exhale

Did you know that with the search icon (located in the upper right corner) you can filter not only the titles of specific series and movies, but also your currently favorite actor or director? Check out Timothée Chalamet or have fun with Sofia Coppola’s movies.

2. Origin? You better be relaxed!

While we don’t think it’s more exciting than hearing Ben Barnes’ voice in the original, we understand if there’s a meeting after that you won’t feel like getting lost in translation. Someone drinks their coffee with milk, Channing Tatum dances peanut butter bread, while others just watch dubbed movies — and there’s nothing wrong with that. by clicking here You can visualize the language in which Netflix will bombard your synchronized content.

3. The Big Code Game

Yes, there are actually some “secret” codes on Netflix that allow you to browse within genres and access titles that won’t even happen to you. Each category has an icon that appears at the end of the URL. Yes, this also means that the code that can be written in the URL is only available on the computer interface, not in the mobile application and on the smartphone. But: You can write a series of numbers for this type the same way for the last two types, and the fashion drama, reality, or sense of happiness really flows in. on this page You’ll find an incredibly comprehensive group of nerds – we gave up at 100 to add up.

4. Is it again?

On the landing page, Netflix ranks your content based on what you’ve started watching before, what you haven’t finished, and what’s available exclusively on Netflix, as well as presenting you with what you watch again and know you loved. The New and Popular category has also appeared recently, can be accessed directly from the landing page and is brimming with fresh and pure news. After clicking on it, Hungary’s top 10 list will flash, all the content that appeared that week, and you can even see the upcoming delicacies next week.

5. Suggestion?

Netflix may be the gateway to Narnia, but even so, they can’t muster everything. However, the chance to select the missing movie you want to watch on the breach is reserved, and You can also write to Santa on Netflix here.

Here are some specific tips on what to look for on Netflix:

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