5 Tips On How To Pull A Successful All-Nighter

In college, there are three main reasons why anyone decides they are going to forgo sleep just so they can stay up the entire night and study. Reason number one; your professor assigned something weeks ago, and told you to start now because “it can’t be done in one night.” However, for some crazy reason you took that as a personal challenge.

Reason number two; you were calmly chilling in your dorm when your friend texted “are you ready for the test tomorrow?” to which you shockingly replied, “What test!?”

Or it’s finals and tomorrow you have a huge test that has a great amount of weight on your overall final grade. Whatever the reason you have decided to pull an all-nighter is, don’t worry because I am here to guide you through it.  Anyone can pull an all-nighter but here are five easy tips to ensure that your all-nighter is a successful one.

Have a plan:

The most important thing to remember when pulling an all-nighter is to have a real plan laid out on what you are studying and how much time you are spending on each topic. My freshman year of college I can’t even tell you how many all-nighters I pulled that were a waste of time, all because my studying was all over the place. The whole point of an all-nighter is to study and RETAIN what’s needed for the test. Before your studying session begins, take the time to write down what topics or subjects you need to study. Also, split up your night into time segments and give each topic/subject a specific amount of time. If you know that you struggle in a certain topic you might what to give that more time and attention while other topics you’re more comfortable with can simply be brushed up on.

Be realistic:

While pulling an all-nighter it is easy to become overwhelmed because we set unrealistic goals for what we want to happen. For example, let’s say tomorrow you are having a cumulative final exam that will include all fifteen chapters your class covered that semester. There is no way you will have the time to diligently go through all 15 chapters while also studying for other test you may have. Even if that is your only test, fifteen chapters is still a lot to cover in one single night.  It’s important that when making your study plan you include goals you can realistically achieve during that night. Sometimes when pulling an all-nighter there will be topics or subjects that will have to be left out in order to at least review everything needed. There are only so many hours in a single night and I don’t even think Superman could study fifteen chapters during that time frame.

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The less people the better:

 The less people you have around you while studying the better. This is honestly a major key when it comes to pulling a successful all-nighter. My first year of college I would do all-nighters with so many other people around me and to make matters worse we’d all be studying different subjects too. This turned out to be a HUGE no-no because about one hour into “studying” we would be doing everything but actually studying. If you must have people with you while studying try to keep your study session crew to a minimum of three people. Also, it helps if you’re all studying the same topics because that’s added help for anyone who may need it. Plus being on the same page study wise makes it easier to divide and conquer the material that needs to be retained.


Breaks are a major key:

During the event of your all night study session, it is very important to break every 45 minutes or as needed. All-nighters are not races and spending the entire night cramming information into your head will do more harm than good. It’s okay to take bathroom breaks, little walks, or spend some time watching a 5 minute YouTube video. Stepping away from what you’re studying from time to time will actually help you retain more information in the long run.

Go easy on the coffee and energy drinks:

One of the biggest mistakes college students make while pulling all-nighters is over doing their caffeine intake. Energy drinks and coffee are okay in moderation, however, if you drink too much you’ll find yourself feeling jittery and your ability to focus will decrease. Instead of downing caffeine, try drinking water and (caffeine-free) tea. Also if you find yourself becoming low on energy doing a small set of jumping-jacks can also help build your energy levels.

Let’s recap:

Before you start your study night be sure to have a timed out itinerary (studying plan) listing everything you plan to cover that night. When making your study plan be sure to be realistic and keep in mind you might not get to every single desired topic. Also, remember a way to save time is to focus on the topics you struggle with the most, while skimming over the topics you are confident with. Once you start to study try to keep the number of those around you as low as possible.  Keep in mind that you have a long night ahead of you and it’s okay to take breaks as needed, and it’s very important not to over-do your caffeine intake.

There you have it, five easy but effective tips on how to pull a successful all-nighter! Don’t keep this helpful list to yourself and be sure to share this these tips with all your peers because remember;


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