5 Tips to Help Your Resume This Spring

It is time to get started on those resumes! There is no better way to get the attention of corporations and companies. Before stepping into the professional workforce you should know proper resume etiquette. Here are five important tips to help you look more professional and competent when applying for a job:

Words Are a Major Key!

If you want a company to consider you, keywords are very important. Make sure that what the company looks for in their job description matches your experience.  A resume writer can help assist you with the language and presentation of your document.

Length Is Important

Depending on the expectations of the company, your resume should ideally include relevant experience related to the position applied (the length of this portion should be at least one page and no higher than three pages). Labeling and including bullets with specific detailed descriptions could take your resume to the next level.


When submitting your resume through those annoying upload options, the layout of your resume is very important. Unless stated otherwise, it would behoove you to convert your resume to pdf form. Formatting is also important because it makes the document more clean and sleek.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

To ensure that you have used correct spelling and grammar by getting a specialist on campus to critique your resume. It is easy to overlook important skills that could help you stand out from others. So remember anything that could possibly make you the most qualified candidate for a position. Give yourself a better chance of getting the job by expanding on all skills that reveal experience.

“Put Some RESPEK on Your Name!”

Branding is also important. Do you have a professional email address? If not, go ahead and create one! This email address will be specifically geared toward professional use only. Professional emails are no hassle and a benefit to you and your career after college.


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