5 Tips For Effective Networking

No matter what your major is, networking is necessary to move from point A to point B. Having a set network can help you with internship opportunities, mentoring, and post-graduate plans. Here are 5 tips that are necessary for building a great network.

  1. Dress To Impress: First impressions are everything, so your outfit should fit the position you’re hoping for, but also channel your personality. Your look should be comfortable, professional, and most importantly, give you the confidence to network.
  2. Know Your Potential: Knowing what you bring to the table to important to present to potential employers. Your elevator pitch is a short pitch that embodies what you do, your capabilities, and who you are. Having a strong elevator pitch can get past the sometimes awkward introductions when you first meet a professional.
  3. Always Ask for a Business Card: Sometimes names, email addresses, and titles get muddied. It is always safe to have a business card with the correct spelling and contact information to ensure that you are effectively communicating with your network.
  4. Follow-Up: After making your mark, do not forget to send a follow-up email. A follow-up email gives the person you are attempting to network with your contact information and shows your dedication to your future.
  5. Meet Up to Discuss Goals: To close the deal, meet again to have a personal interaction. Networking events can make it hard to set yourself apart, so this added meeting will be on your time and allow you to fully discuss your goals.

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