5 Reasons Ladies Love A Bad Boy (Black Panther Inspired)

If you don’t live under a rock then I sure you have seen Black Panther by this point, and I’m even more sure you’ve fallen head over heels in love with Michael B. Jordan and his character Erik Killmonger. Even though Erik is everything our parents warns us about when it comes to all things bad boy related, he still seems to be what we fantasize about. With his confidence, deep dimples, and sly smile, Erik is that bad boy that can easily pull you in with no effort at all. And if we’re being honest with ourselves, Erik isn’t the only bad boy we’d give a chance to. We all have that one guy on our campus who manages to make that “bad boy reputation” seem oh so right! Here are five things we love about bad boys.


His Looks:

I don’t know if it’s written in the unofficial official handbook of bad boys worldwide, but it seems to be a rule that all bad boys are extremely attractive. From their head to their toes, they are FINE in every way possible! Erik Killmonger is a prime example of this. While watching Black Panther, we all knew he was the villain, and yet, every time he came on screen nobody in the theater could keep it together.


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His Confidence:

If rule number one is to be overly attractive then rule number two for bad boys is to have confidence in everything you do! From the way he walked to how she spoke, Erik was the epitome of confidence throughout the film Black Panther. He knew what he wanted and he wasn’t afraid to go after it.  Erik Killmonger was so confident in what he believed that by the time the film was over he had you convinced that he wasn’t even a villain at all.

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His Demeanor (a.k.a. his swag):

As soon as Erik first came onto the screen, you were in love (don’t lie!). Bad boys will have you hooked by the way they dress, walk, and carry themselves before they speak a single word. When it comes to bad boys, their swag is 65% of what appeals us to them. We love how they carry themselves and their aura.


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The Rush:

When dealing with a bad boy, everyday can be a new adventure. You never really know what ya’ll will be doing that day or where ya’ll will end up. Bad boys seem to get our adrenaline running and bring out a fun side that we never knew we had. However, this isn’t always a good thing and as we saw in Black Panther it can actually be dangerous. Everybody and they mama wanted to play Michael B. Jordan’s love interest in this movie, until we saw his character kill her. At that point, we all realized that being a bad boy’s “ride or die” won’t always be fun.

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His Soft Side:

Nobody pulls off having split personalities better than a bad boy does. What attracts you might be his bad reputation, but what makes you stay is the hope of seeing a side of him he doesn’t show others. Yes, we all loved how Michael B. Jordan portrayed the villain in Black Panther. However, I think we loved it even more when Erik was gearing up to fight T’Challa  for his throne, and he opened up about how hurt and angry he was to have been left behind by his uncle. During that scene we all felt his pain and wanted to hug away all of his pain.


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