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5 Proven Tips: This Is How You Can Keep Your Poinsettia Alive Until Santa Claus and Until Christmas

5 Proven Tips: This Is How You Can Keep Your Poinsettia Alive Until Santa Claus and Until Christmas

These gorgeous poinsettia bracts will remain colorful for months.

Poinsettia appreciates proper care and can stay healthy for several months, brightening any part of the apartment.

The experts at Stars for Europe (SfE) know how to make our poinsettias stay bright and withstand cold spells – with a few tips, our plants can stay looking great for a long time!

When purchasing:

Wild poinsettias come from Mexico, and in the tropical climate of the Central American country, the plant can grow into a shrub up to a meter high. However, its need for light and warmth also applies to the poinsettia that has already become a houseplant: darkness and cold are particularly harmful.

The healthiest plants can usually be identified by their dense, undamaged leaves, yellow-green flowers that bud in the middle of their leaves, and whose soil is neither too dry nor too wet. It is important not to buy a plant sprayed with glitter, this is not good for the flower either!

Protection is important!

After purchase, it is advisable to wrap it carefully and take the poinsettia home as soon as possible, especially in cold weather.

The more layers of paper you wrap your new plant with, the better it will be protected against drafts and cold, so it will have a greater chance of healthy growth and a long life.

At sub-zero temperatures, wrapping the pot is also recommended due to the poinsettia’s sensitive roots.

Let’s get used to the new environment

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In order for our new plant to withstand the transition from cold to warm weather, it is best not to move it immediately into a warm room. You can acclimate it in a cooler and brighter room, such as the kitchen or conservatory, and after a few hours we can move it to its final location.

Choose the right place

The ideal place is bright, warm and protected from drafts and large temperature fluctuations. For example, it is not a good idea to place a poinsettia next to the front door, but you can safely place it next to a well-insulated window, but it is important to move it to a protected place for ventilation.

The tile tray on the windowsill protects the plant from the cold, but you should also pay attention to the fact that poinsettia loves warmth, but not excessive heat: Ideal temperature For 15-22 degreesC.

Therefore a place next to a radiator or stove is not ideal either, because the poinsettia will drop its leaves in extreme heat. It should also be noted that the warmer the weather, the more water the plant needs.

Green but you want red?  One step and your poinsettia will be beautiful again!

Green but you want red? One step and your poinsettia will be beautiful again!

The art of irrigation

Poinsettias tolerate moderate drought better than excess moisture, so you only need to water when the top of the soil is already dry – but never let the inside of the root ball dry out!

It is difficult to give a clear answer to the question of how often to water: In addition to temperature and humidity, the size of the pot is also an important factor. Young poinsettias in a 6 cm pot need more watering than plants in a 12-13 cm pot due to the smaller soil volume.

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Poinsettias can be watered from above, from below, or by immersion, and room temperature water is recommended. If you are watering from the top, add a small amount every two to three days until the root ball is evenly moist but not completely wet.

When watering from below, pour water into a pot or planting tray: the soil will absorb the amount of water the poinsettia needs. In this case, add water until the root ball is soaked and there is no liquid left in the tray.

The big weather forecast for December is here.  Very different from what we had hoped -

The big weather forecast for December is here. Very different from what we had hoped –

If flood irrigation is chosen, the semi-dry root ball should be completely submerged about once a week until the water stops bubbling. Then quickly lift the poinsettia out, let it drain, and return the plant to the pot.

For all three methods, it is important that Pour out the excess water from the tray after no more than 15 minutesRemove the brain from the planting pot to avoid waterlogging and root damage.

source: Stars for Europe

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