5 New Valentine Date Ideas

With about a month left until the most hated holiday ever, Valentine’s Day is slowly, but surely approaching. Why is it the most hated holiday you ask? Oh, it’s just the one day on earth where people know you’re unhappily single. Lol, but if you’re like me then you love to love and regardless if you’re single on that day or not you’ll be happy for all the couples out there. So, fellas, it’s a new year and we’re tired of going on that same dinner/movie date, so think outside the box. I mean regardless of what you do your girl will be happy, but she’ll be happier with something new. Now you don’t have to call me cupid or anything, but I’m going to come up with my top five best dates. And if you think your girl will like one of them and I’m sure she will then feel free to act like you came up with it yourself.


Top 5 Best Dates

  1. Dance class – I’m thinking salsa dancing. Buy your girl a nice red dress, a flower to put in her hair and take her out for some hot, sexy and smooth salsa dancing. She doesn’t have to know how to dance and neither do you, but it’ll be a new experience for the both of you and something for you to look back on and laugh. It’s all about creating new memories.



  1. Painting class – Yes something like Sip and Strokes, but more on the intimate level. Take her to a nearby art gallery full of beautiful painting and sculptures. After you’re done looking at art become the art. Have something set up where either a portrait of the two of you are getting painted while you have a nice intimate dinner or paint your own canvas while sipping on some wine and feeding each other fruit in a candle lit setting. You know a little Trey Songz “Love Faces” action. Intimacy is key!

  1. Stay home – Switch it up and stay in. You may not have the funds to go on a vacation just yet. Try creating her dream city right there at home. It’s every girl’s dream to visit Paris, so create Paris right there in your living room and have her favorite food, wine and dessert waiting for her. A nice candle lit dinner, slow dance and you have yourself a romantic night with the love of your life.


  1. Cooking class – Hire a personal chef to teach you and your loved one how to cook. Hands on dates are always the best and it’s a great way to learn new things about yourself or partner you never knew.


  1. Getaway! – surprise her with a weekend getaway. Maybe some alone time is what you’ve been needing. The sparks may be leaving or someone is getting too comfortable and you just need something new and refreshing to bring the relationship back alive. This weekend getaway doesn’t have to be anything fancy it can be a weekend in the cabin overseeing a lake. You can go on a nice boat ride and spend some well-needed quality time.

Hopefully, these ideas work or spark an even better idea for you and if not you can always take her to see the highly anticipated “Fifty Shades Darker” on Valentine’s Day and she’ll still be happy. Just make sure whatever you do it’s from the heart and you show your significant other how much they mean to you. I’m not saying by them anything expensive just be vocal. Women appreciate a man that’s vocal especially about his feelings.

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