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5 ancient places and experiences that evoke an unforgettable summer spent at Lake Balaton

5 ancient places and experiences that evoke an unforgettable summer spent at Lake Balaton

We’ve gathered such sites and programs into a package that evokes unforgettable summers at Lake Balaton, filled with the scent of sunscreen and the cool taste of Bambi.

Kali Capox

The destruction pub with the ultimate retro atmosphere is hidden in the heart of the Káli pool, and in a pleasant and fun environment you can choose from delicious homemade food and refreshing drinks. It is worth paying attention to their website, during the summer there are many programs that will make your time here unforgettable.

8282 Mindszentkálla, Petőfi Sándor utca 11. | website

Photo: Káli-Kapocs Facebook

Fenvenyes Kertmozi

This summer, the garden cinema recreating the era of socialism opened on a secluded little street in Fövenyes, where you can enjoy the movie experience with fresh popcorn. The repertoire mainly includes popular contemporary films, but operators pay special attention to showing less popular alternative films at least once a week.

8242 Balatonodvari, Muzi Utca 1. | website

Photo: Fövenyes Kertmozi Facebook

Bala Tony Retro Museum

The museum is a great destination for retro lovers: while the objects on display may bring back fond memories for the older age group, it offers the little ones a great opportunity to learn in a playful way. The exhibit also includes household items, vehicles, and clothing, but the museum also houses the Traveller’s Inn.

8164 Balatonfőkajár, Petőfi Sándor utca 47. | website

Photo: Bala-Toni Retro Museum Facebook


The Pavilon is the perfect place for an afternoon coffee or even an evening drink. The food is not to be missed either, as the owners have incorporated their experience of South Tyrolean hospitality into the menu here, so you can choose from typical Italian dishes as well as hearty traditional dishes.

8630 Balatonboglár Zoltán Kodály u 45/49. | website

Photo: Pavilion Facebook

Retro trains

Do you want to experience the iconic travel experience of the 70s, or do you want to ride a motorcycle in comfortable cars with swivel seats? Hungarian railways are celebrating several anniversaries this year, so you can travel on these vintage trains at Lake Balaton during two of their vintage weekends this summer.

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In addition to ancient experiences, countless attractions await you in Balaton:

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