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5 amazing places in Hũrség that you can visit in early spring

5 amazing places in Hũrség that you can visit in early spring

Although Őrség is impressive in all seasons without exception, its charm only increases in spring, when nature slowly awakens. If you are planning to visit Őrség, we recommend five excellent bars and restaurants that you must visit.

Batha Porta

At Batha-porta, which offers the finest Szersz seed oils, you can not only look at the process of making the oils, but you can also try them. At the gate, which also houses a private mangalica plantation, you can learn about all the ins and outs of oil striking within a traditional one-hour interactive programme. Program participants can taste oil that is hand-pressed or hand-pressed, then drizzled on fresh, crusty bread, which they can take home as the fruit of their labor after the program. Ideal for families and groups of friends, you can participate in the program after pre-registering.

9942 Zalavo, Welszer 15/A | website | Facebook

Photo: Batha Porta

Őri Art Cafe

Őri Art Café is located in the heart of Őriszentpéter, in the heart of Őriszentpéter. The café serving heavenly cakes and delicious coffee isn't called Tranquility Island for nothing. Spending a relaxing breakfast sitting behind the huge windows while enjoying the café's surroundings is truly relaxing. However, the Őri Art Café is not only ideal for starting the day, it is also perfect for an afternoon coffee or tasting Őrség Zöld Aranya cake.

9941 Őriszentpeter, Kovácsszer 49. | Facebook

Photo: Őri Art Café Facebook page

Guard Breakfast – Brunch on the farm

The name and number of satisfied guests, without exception, is not accidental: if you want to have breakfast while visiting Őrség, you will find everything you need for an excellent start to the day in the Őrség breakfast room. Ingredients for home-cooked meals and premium teas come from local producers and from the breakfast bar's chemical-free farm, making meals unforgettable. Of course, hospitality doesn't just come with breakfast, it's also worth visiting them for lunch, as the dödölle they make is widely famous.

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9934 Hegehatszentjakab, Kossuth Sh. 64. | Facebook

Photo: Guard Breakfast – Brunch on the Ranch Facebook page

Wild novel

This small, but most impressive, specialty coffee empire is hidden in the small guard village of Szaknyéro, with only 50 people. An animated replica of gingerbread houses known from fairy tales, hidden at the edge of the forest, called Vadregényes. In the Jewel Box, which comes alive with all your heart and soul, you can recharge your batteries in an extraordinary environment not only with great coffee, but also with hot chocolate, tea, matcha, syrup, lemonade, and of course the legendary homemade cakes. Vadregényes is also a souvenir shop, so if you want to go home with lasting memories, it's definitely worth a visit.

9934 Szakner, Petofi Sh. 1. 0. How many stones | website | Facebook

Photo: Fadrigenes Facebook page


Our gastronomic recommendation in Őrség would not be complete without Pajta in Őriszentpéter, where Chef István Akács and his team now take care of your unforgettable gastronomic experiences. You can treat yourself and your taste buds to a three- or four-course lunch menu during the day, and a 9-course tasting menu at dinnertime. You are sure to leave with an unforgettable experience, as you enjoy the sentry views behind the huge window panels.

9941 Őriszentpeter, Templomszer 7. | website | Facebook

Photo: Ferenc Kvasznica/Pajta Facebook page

If you can discover the rural atmosphere within walking distance of Budapest:

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