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5 Amazing Hidden Hungarian Lakes You Must Visit This Summer

5 Amazing Hidden Hungarian Lakes You Must Visit This Summer

Summer is approaching and most people dream of a place to spend a free weekend or even a longer vacation. However, in addition to the traditional tourist destinations, there are also many smaller but more interesting places worth exploring in Hungary. In this article, we present 10 lesser-known but unmissable lakes.

1. Hegyhátszentjakab, Lake Vadsa

Lake Vadása is a private lake located near Hegyhátszentjakab in Ursage. The lake was created partly artificially, when it was fed by 12 springs after damming up a stream. The lake gets its name from the many foxes in the area who dug holes next to the former creek. Lake Vadsa consists of two parts: the small lake is an excellent place for fishermen, where carp, grass carp, perch, bream and crucian carp live. The larger lake is perfect for vacationers and beach-goers, but you can go hiking, mountain biking, or even horseback riding in the area. If you are in Orseg, you should definitely visit this picturesque lake.

Lake Vadása is a private lake located near Hegyhátszentjakab in ŐrségSource: Wikipedia / Zarid

2. Bank, Banki-to

Bánki Lake is one of the most visited settlement destinations in Nógrád County, with thousands of people coming here every year for hiking. The 7-acre pristine water lake is ideal for sporting and fishing as there are many access docks. However, Bánki Lake not only offers water entertainment, there is an adventure park on the south side, while those who prefer more active recreation can play sports on the tennis and basketball courts. You can relax at the camp around the lake, while in the summer the Bánkitó Festival welcomes visitors with its many arts programmes, creating an opportunity for independent artists to present themselves to a young audience.

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Not only does Bánki Lake offer water entertainment, but there is an adventure park on the south sideSource: MTI / Peter Komka

3. Belabat village, Lac Volga-to

Lak-völgyi-tó is one of the most beautiful lakes in northern Hungary, located near Bélapátfalva in Bükk. The hidden clear water lake is also an ideal destination for hikers and those who want to hit the beach, where hiking, biking, camping, pottery fishing and bacon bacon are all possible. You can swim and sunbathe on the well-maintained beach, or just sit and gaze at the forests, flower fields, and scenic hike of Bél-kő overlooking the lake. Lake Lak-völgyi-tó is less well known, but it is a great place for fishermen, as its waters are rich in fish. If you are in northern Hungary, be sure to visit this beautiful lake.

4. Arló, Lake Arlói

Lake Arlói is a real fairytale landscape that can be found in the valley of the Heves-Borsodi hills, a few kilometers from Ózd. The formation of this natural wonder is due to erosion which is a rare phenomenon that occurred as a result of landslide caused by mining activity. Sandy, loamy mountain debris has blocked the stream, forming an impressive dam that closes the valley, with Lake Arlói behind it. Surrounded by mountains surrounded by lush vegetation, the lake that offers a magnificent view regardless of the season makes for an excellent hiking spot for nature lovers. There are many lakeside resorts where guests can relax in small cottages, apartments, or even on the fishing piers. During the summer, the lake is an excellent place for swimming and a fishing paradise at the same time.

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5. Esztergom, Lake Palatine

Lake Palatine may not be one of the well-known mining lakes, but the natural wonder on the borders of Dorog and Esztergom is becoming more and more popular with locals. The sandy beach and crystal clear waters of the lagoon provide pleasant relaxation for those who wish to indulge in waterside pleasures, while rest areas and shaded buffets allow visitors to spend the entire day here. In addition to the free beaches on the shore of the lake, there are also paid ones, as well as sailing and diving. And the camp site is the perfect choice for those who want to spend more time near the lake.

Lake Palatinus is probably not one of the well-known mine lakes, although it is a natural marvel on the border of Dorog and Esztergom.Source: Wikipedia / David Math / Mdavid89

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