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4th place in the Hungarian Democratic Republic of the Congo Cup – Gate City of Nyérygyháza County

4th place in the Hungarian Democratic Republic of the Congo Cup – Gate City of Nyérygyháza County

Fatum Nyiregyhaza played against Kaposvár in Erd in the bronze medal match of the DRC Women's Volleyball Cup.

Our team started well and took the lead early in the match, but KNRC leveled the score as it continued. With a 4-0 lead, Fattom gained the advantage once again, and not only did Nierseg's players open up well, but the saves were also effective. The score was 12-12 at halftime. The match witnessed competition between the two teams, and the match was characterized by several beautiful football movements. The final started with two aces from Kaposvar, and there were more inaccuracies and defensive errors on our part, which Somogyi's team exploited to win the set.

At the start of the second half, KNRC were in the lead, with Nyiregyhaza trailing by four points at 5-9. We succeeded in reducing the deficit to two in the first half, and even when the score was 13-12 we had the opportunity to equalize, but we failed to take advantage of it. Moreover, the team went through ups and downs, and the bets were not good, so the final match started with a score of 13-20. However, we made it 11-2, and at 22-23, Kaposvár was just one point away. KNRC, on the other hand, got the match ball and sold it, so they won that set as well.

At the beginning of the third period, Somogyi was better, but the difference was small. However, in the middle of the group, Kaposvár came in under Velvert, and the fatigue from last weeks matches was felt in our game. There were 4-5 points between the two teams, and it wasn't possible to get close for a while. However, at 14-16, the deficit was reduced to two, and after a brilliant ball session, Valerin Karaballi succeeded, then opened up a smash. They managed to level the score at 17-17, but there was a response from Kaposvár. After a save from Sanja Nagy and Lily Szabo, the score was 21-21, and they were able to turn it around with another fence. However, the end did not go well, as Team KNRC eventually won the meet and won the bronze medal, while Team Nyiregyhaza from Fatum finished fourth.

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Fatom Nyiregyhaza – Kaposvár 0-3 (-20, -22, -23)

Nyiregyhaza: Jeremić 2, Nagy S.5, Galvão 1, Kosic 12, Carabaly 10, Szabo L.6
Subs: Toth F (libero), Rufin Martinez, Antivero 6, Voldi, Farkas G.
Head coach: Adrian Chilinski

KNRC: Radnay 5, Sidmak 8, Dias 10, Hurst 13, Martin 3, Velvert 15
Subs: Rade (libero), Godot 2, Nicolai
Head coach: Vincent Lacombe

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