4K GeForce Now comes to PC and Mac

NVIDIA no longer associates this decision with the existence of Shield TV.

A cloud-based gaming service called GeForce Now has been able to provide 4K HDR streaming for several months, but its operation has been tied to the presence of the NVIDIA Shield TV. Of course, many did not like this, since not everyone would like to have a separate device for a higher resolution, but the client for PC and Mac simply did not accept this quality.

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This is now over, as the company will now offer 4K HDR streaming without Shield TV on the platforms mentioned in the previous paragraph, and it is also important to note here that devices with Apple M1 processors are among the supported devices.

All you have to do is upgrade the GeForce Now app to the latest version, and it doesn’t hurt to have a 4K monitor on hand. The best quality streaming can’t be requested from a simple browser, so it’s not worth trying.

In addition to the above, NVIDIA is also working on mobile optimization and enabling 120Hz mode at 1080p on the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, as well as OnePlus 9 Pro smartphones. This feature is not new, but it was previously only available on Samsung S21, Note 20, S20 FE, ASUS ROG 5 Series and Google Pixel 6 Pro.

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