45 percent of gamers would like to watch their favorite series in the form of a video game

This was revealed at least on the basis of a recently published survey, but other interesting facts can also be revealed from the results of research conducted by the English company Deloitte.

Deloitte English in his anointing 1197 players participated, from Generation Z to Generation Older. Based on the data obtained, it can be said that a large number of gamers are still in contact with their friends via the Internet, and video games mean more to them than simple entertainment.

According to one of the most interesting points of the survey, 45% of respondents would like to watch their favorite series or movies in the form of a video game. The survey also sought to address how interaction with one medium affects how we relate to another: 44% of respondents are more likely to play a game after watching a particular series, and 49% of respondents discover new songs through video games.

In the field of socialization, the research was divided into age groups, so the results better show generational differences. Whereas in the case of Generation Z (1997-2009) and Generation Y (1983-1996), 40% of respondents prefer online socializing, Generation X (1966-1982), and the older generation (those born before). 1946) that rate is 19%.

The effect of experiencing success in games can also be separated according to age groups: in the case of generations Z and Y, 49% of those surveyed have a more positive default self-image, and 73% of them believe that success in games generates self-confidence. Although these rates are 19% and 47% for Generation X, Boomer and older age groups.

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